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  1. I'm thinking about a leftover 9.9 Yamaha. A little bigger than I need but the price is right. I think it will really push the boat at wide open throttle. So if I head in for lunch or move to a different location to fish using the kicker, it'll do some charging. The battery is a new group 29 deep cycle. Maybe I should have bought the 31 but I think I'll be in good shape even after buying new Cannon Magnum 5 downriggers which retrieve the balls at higher speeds.


    Thanks to all for the responses.

  2. 2 hours ago, garrymny said:

    I am also considering replacing my 9.9 Evinrude kicker even though it runs perfect. I want a 15 hp ( better for emergency?) with charging and also will add electric throttle control. My old Evinrude cannot accept the electric throttle system. The carb is buried under an air intake on front of the motor. Anyways, I am interested in what folks have to day on this topic as well. I find it interesting that my research shows that the HP of the kicker is irrelevant, you will only get 5 or 6 mph because unless you get on plane, you are limited.

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  3. Kicker throttle control and alternator

    Thinking about replacing 1990s 9.9hp 2 stroke Johnson with a 4 stroke kicker for a Sea Nymph 17.5. I owned many years ago a 7.5 Honda without electric start. I could always start this motor with just one or two pulls and it had plenty of power for a 21 ft. fiberglass rig which was much heavier than the Sea Nymph.. So I am thinking about a similar size kicker which I will link to main motor with an EZ steer setup.. I'd like to have an alternator to charge batteries for sonar and downriggers and I'd also like to control the speed remotely without adding the control arm up front (which I have with the Johnson). This kicker will probably be kept if I ever buy a bigger boat, so I'd also consider a 9.9hp. What would folks recommend?


    Best to all from Lake Champlain.



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