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  1. Update


    The folks who own this boat are having some serious health issues and would like it to be out of their hair.  They are willing to reduce the price to  $4,400.00 As-Is Where-Is.. hook it up to your truck and drive away... boat is sitting in a marina on the east side of Oneida Lake,  was in the water in 2019 and running good,  professionally winterized and shrunk wrapped!  This is a great boat to fish Oneida , Ontario, Henderson... don't wait!  


    Call me at 585-554-6636  [email protected] 

  2. dbitting,  since  the 212 is an 8' beam,  I would expect live load movement to affect trim...   what Delons was describing was something totally different.. at rest his boat sits level,  on plane it lists to one side regardless of load... thats indicative of a hull issue.


    call me if you have questions,  happy to help

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