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  1. Went to honeoye yesterday with a buddy and his kid, ran some flags for bass and pickerel . Buddy's kid got 2 flags first thing in the morning both walleyes , 1 keeper and 1 throw back. Hour later I got a flag and another keeper eye. Not 1 bass or pickerel.... Not complaining 1 bit about that . Ice was 5 to 6in 1612127351892.thumb.jpeg.0f5f0a9c2be3624320d14865680cab41.jpeg

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    How deep were the walleye if you don’t mind me asking?

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  2. Went out with my brother in law on braddocks today and it was SLOW. They caught 4 small perch before I got there and that was it. Did not see any pike caught on tip up and nobody had luck with perch. Water is very shallow maybe that had something to do with it. Ice is 5-6 inches in most spots. We plan on heading south next weekend no sure exactly where yet.

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  3. I want to finally make it out to lake placid this winter for ice fishing. I’m wondering if anybody has any advice on what lakes hold some jumbo perch or pike. Never been up there during the winter and with so many lakes/ponds I have no idea where to start. Planned on using tip ups for pike and jigging for some keeper perch. If somebody can steer me in the right direction that would be great.



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  4. I just bought my first lake/river worthy boat. I spend a decent amount of time in cape vincent during the spring and summer months. I was wondering how I could legally enter Canadian waters and also fish canadian waters. I assume I need a canadian fishing license that I could buy online? Also what happens if I accidentally enter canadian waters? I just want to figure this all out before I go up there and get in a stupid situation.


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