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  1. Kicker motor or NOT

    Thanks guys that's all good info and appreciate it and I'm sure my big motor would suck though gas also its a big one 5.8 omc Cobra v8
  2. Kicker motor or NOT

    Kicker motor or NOT I got my first I/O have always had outboards it came with a 15hp kicker. So have fished with kicker and with I/O with drift socks in order to get slow enough to troll. My question is does it hurt the I/O any to troll with it the kicker is ok but I just feel I have more control of the boat with the I/O not to say the I/O is much quieter. Any input on this issue???
  3. Dock slip

    Thank guys going to look into everything this week or next boat security is a big thing for me as I live about a 1.5 hr away but normally make 1 or 2 trips up a week once I get the boat up there last year had a smaller boat and just dry docked it at the boat doctor for the season
  4. Dock slip

    Thanks guy will check. All that out I have a 26ft StarCraft hard top 8.6 / 9 ft beam I/o
  5. Dock slip

    Dock slip Looking for open dock slip at Newfane or Wilson for 2017 season any contact info or pricing appreciated thank u