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  1. Definitely a specialized boat. Like many boats are you will never find the perfect one. I’m sure like many other members in LOU we have tried to find the perfect boat. Happy Thanksgiving everyone

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  2. There has been discussions on releasing salmon with a fish grip and line. My question is do you clamp on to the upper part of the mouth or lower part? Also how much line do you put on the fish grip? Thanks



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  3. This camper has solid maple cabinets, a double kitchen sink,separate freezer from refrigerator, full bed with real mattress. It has a futon type couch for additional sleeping. There is a fold down table with an extension and a comfortable swivel chair.

    It has two 20 pound propane tanks, an electric tongue, outside roll up awning, and a heavy duty trailer hitch included. Stored inside during off season months.

    Located in Henderson NY.

    Asking $4200. If interested call Five 70-two 69-5197.




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  4. I don't blame the out of staters,i blame everyone on this site that went out fishing and had to go post fishing reports,pictures of four people on a boat,pictures of full lots and talking about full lots and heavy boat traffic.i can only imagine the same thing is on facebook and all the other stupid social media sites.if you would have just went fishing and kept your mouth shut and stayed off the internet,you probably would still be fishing!!!!!!!keep posting pictures of ramps that are still open,you are helping the state find them and close them too!!!!!!and if anyone thinks this is gonna be over with in a couple weeks,you are sadly mistaking,vermont just extended their stay at home order to may 15th and we all know that this moron Cuomo isn't gonna be out done by another state,so im sure in a few days he is gonna make an announcement that he is extending the stay at home order in new York till the end of may.


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