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  1. Headed west out of the chute, motored a bit then set up in 50fow on a west troll. Slow go for the first couple of hours then rods started to fire! 10 color, and coppers off boards running near bottom did most of the bigger fish, riggers targeting bottom 1/3 of water or bottom got the rest. Dreamweaver, nk, and warrior spoons in 28 size took all fish. Ssw and watermelon primarily. I fished mostly 50-75 with the 50-60 range being the best. 12#4oz was our biggest!
    I have chased kings and love catching them but I am really liking the brown trout fishing in this lake! Lots of quality fish out there and a bit more predictable to fish for then the salmon.

  2. Decided to target browns for the morning part of my full day grind. Glad I did... the bite was pretty good with steady action in 50-60' much of the morning. Once it slowed I pointed north with hopes to stumble onto mature kings. That did not happen but I did boat many skippys and one 9# steelhead and a 16# king.


    Browns chewed mainly on ssw, watermelon, and frog spoons in standard and slims.. the kings and steelhead came on green gator stingray and a purple stinger in stingray size.


    Almost No fleas but many hungry flies!



    Good luck!


  3. Kicking around the idea of selling my camper. Purchased 7/2010, barely used, indoor stored during off seasons. Has been indoor stored the full year from 2013-spring 2016 due to no time to use it. Looks new, spacious, one slide out, bunkhouse in rear, shower, frig, ac, heat, water heater, electric awning, tv, dvd, exterior speakers, outside, shower.

    $13,000 obo. no trades.



  4. A bit of a late start this am.. set gear around 6:45 in 120 fow straight out of shoot and trolled no further west than the nose. spent most of trip in 180-220 with a few pokes shallower. big weenie meat on 265-320 dipsey was stellar and this was my first success running meat so that was awesome. decent rigger action from 66'- 120' down . Rigger bite was great from 11-200 ish. wonderbread, nbk, glow corn, melon all took fish. went roughly 18/25. lost more fish after the NE wind picked up. the bigger kings came in 50-52 degree water rather than colder. kept a total of 4 fish and all were empty. biggest king 19 ish and steelie 9.5 ish. A great day to be out for sure! Good luck to everyone this weekend! BTW ... I discovered an easy way to remove copious amounts of fleas from your line.... hold section of line tight with both hands such that the wad of fleas is between your hands.. next run the line over the corner of the lid of your cooler while you also rub line from side to side...mine has a textured top (coleman extreme) it removes every flea and takes substantially less time than pinching or chewing off!


  5. My report is pretty consistent with those I have heard or read. I had fished 5/22 and struggled also so I was really anxious about what the derby was gonna be like. From Thursday to Monday I boated roughly 22 fish in approximately 50 hours of fishing and very few lakers. I ran mostly spoons off riggers, cores, coppers, ran ff combos some. ff bite was nill for me. threw out some hammerhead cowbells a combo that I used to use with great success and nada. Roughly 20 some years ago I fished my first derby and it was using cowbells and peanuts with a 16 oz drop weight I mentioned that fact on sunday to my crew while washing lures. I was not prepared to run that set up and then of course I read "fisherdudes" post... well done by the way! Anyway it was a grind, but that is par for the course when it comes to fishing 4-5 days straight. The high point was hooking a dandy brown trout 9.34# on BFF to take the prize. I was shocked, absolutely shocked that I won. I Could not believe the lack of fish at weigh in. A big thanks to Nick and Mike for coordinating BFF its a great way to meet fellow fisherman and put a face with the name or handle so to speak.

    no particular lure was a stud but the brown hit a FLT alewife spoon, but sadly that spoon only took one other fish the rest of the weekend.

    See ya next year! Time to get back to Lake O. But I will be fishing sunday of Canandaigua derby.

    Tightlines to all!





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