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  1. I dont think u want to be in the mudwater... look for water beyond the mud that takes on a greenish color. that has worked for me based on my limited time fishing lake o. sometimes the good water moves or becomes invaded by mud water depending on wind and prevailing current. had a hot spot shift a week or so ago.... look at the water around you, you can often see color changes that might be worth swinging your gear thru. I also start with a mixed color of lures (natural-brights)to see what the fish want... for me black silver or chart/white sticks have produced best. sometimes there is no preference riggers and sticks all targeting top 5-10 fow has been productive for browns. if it aint workin shallow swing a little deeper.. zig and zag, see if they want it faster or slower. 1.9-2.3 sog has been best for my spread. good luck

  2. Trolled from hughes to ginna and part way back (630-1230) w insuffishent.. browns, skippys, bow, laker, coho, and a smallmouth all boated. went roughly 25/35. biggest was10#. early bite was negative for us... 2 were break offs... vanish line= vanished lure, fish, and money from wallet to replace! Seaguar on everything now. black silver/ black white sticks were best as was jointed in natural finish. good over all trip but wish i got into the king frenzy to the west!

  3. Brokeoff- what is happening? That is discouraging for sure. I have caught browns off riggers down 3' in 7 fow so maybe slide diver not needed? whats the advantage.... more stealth i suppose. rather keep it simple and just use rigger but if slide diver is a necessity to get larger/more fish then i will do it.

    thanks everyone!

  4. diawa saltist 30's! i used to use reels with 24" retrieve and hated to bring them in while pulling gear let alone with a fish. Stepped on a boat that had saltists on the dipseys and I fell in love. high speed retrieve is great for keeping tension and reeling down while working a fish. Torque is a non issue to me..., plenty of it. Drags our awesome! Granted the line counter is somewhat ill placed but as others have said you get used to it &/or just shift grip a couple inches higher. i use clarions on coppers and long cores. love them too. Good luck!

  5. Launched out of river at 330pm ish for a quick trip. Was greeted at the end of pier heads with lots of floating ice. Was not sure as we approached if we could get thru but it was no big deal. Trolled to the west in semi stained water. The really stained from river was heading east. (should we have trolled east?) boated one brown on the initial west troll near Russell. had another definite hit and brief fight then nothing. We thought we had some other hook ups but after ending trip with 2 snags began to wonder if those other "hits" were snags. kinda thought gear was running high enough to avoid snags but considered inlet pipes or some other man made item lying in front of russell as being the culprit. Fished 9-20fow, roughly. Brown hit a chart/white stickbait. I still dont have a spring program figured out, but its too early to get too concerned.



  6. you bring up some good points Jason. I started doing it while fishing the fingers so fish size might be a factor as well as bait size i suppose. Though sawbellies can get pretty big in Seneca too. Kind of a pain to switch the fly around. based on input so far it looks like i might not change what i am doing it seems to work for the most part.


  7. I have done something similar with salmon also. I used panko breadcrumbs both plain and spicy. I placed the formed patty in pankos and coated both sides then fried. nice crispy coating. Definitely a great way to eat any fish. kids liked it too! I made it "healthy" by putting it in a wrap with a bunch of dill pickles and tomato.


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