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  1. 8 minutes ago, katydid said:

    Not great. I got two nice rainbows about 50ft.down.  O lakers. I seem to do much better at Long Pt.   No algae, a few weed mats. I was only out for 3 hours. 


    Thanks for the report.

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  2. I was out from taughannock for just a couple of hours yesterday evening and when I arrived there were signs saying no swimming/algae bloom.  The water didn't look too bad at the ramp, some algae but not a ton.  But the water color out in the lake near there definetly changed to a more greenish color compared to just a week ago.  Still managed 5 lakers 1 rainbow in a couple of hours, just gotta dodge some weed mats.  Fleas too but they weren't as bad as my last couple times out.  But that was trolling.  Good luck!

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  3. Calkins boat trailer
    Solid bunk trailer for 16'-19' boat
    Axle and hubs in great shape
    Working tail lights, turn signals
    Tires are old but still have tread on them, bearing buddies installed
    Can include a extra set of almost new tires/wheels plus spare for an extra $100
    I replaced the larger heavy steel fenders with smaller light plastic fenders for 13" tires a couple of years ago.
    Will include the original steel fenders in case the buyer wants to put larger tires on.
    I have a transferable registration and can include a motor vehicle bill of sale.

    $550 or $650 with extra set of tires/spare







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