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  1. Thank you for the kind words Kyle, I really appreciate it. I've had the chance to meet several people from using the classifieds here, as well as trading advice/information with guys on a wide range of topics relating to fishing.

    In the past I've been a part of other forums for different hobbies and I can honestly say the folks on LOU are, by far, the best.

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  2. I.D. of all seastar hoses I think are the same but I'm not 100% certain. The ends of the seastar hoses(swivel nuts) should attach right to your baystar steering cylinder and the existing ORB fittings coming out of your baystar helm where the baystar tubing hooks up right now. You need to get the length right though when ordering because you can't shorten or lengthen them and they aren't cheap.

    I mounted the hydraulic pump, network backbone, and course computer under the driver console and the heading sensor/compass inside the in floor rod locker where I had additional space. The AP pump will have additional lines plumbed from your helm into it so that will be a factor in deciding where to mount it.

    Tons of great information on Seastar's website to read through on adding an AP to their system. If you plan on doing the hose retrofit and an AP yourself, I would recommend doing it all at once. Unhooking fittings and hoses makes a mess, plus you'll only have to bleed it once.

    When I did mine, I orginally converted the boat from cable steering to Baystar ( should have went straight to a Seastar kit). Then I upgraded the nylon tubing from the Baystar kit to Seastar hoses. Then I added an autopilot. And finally I moved the autopilot to a different boat. Yeah, I like playing in hydraulic oil.........

    Thank you for your response, Do you have info. on those hoses  as far as the inside Dia., etc.
    I heard that was the way to go. .Hate to be a pain in the ass but where on your boat did you mount the
    different units of the system and do the hoses fit the baystar or are they a different size.

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  3. I did it on my Lund. I did however upgrade the rigid plastic baystar hydraulic tubing with the seastar hoses. Easier to work with and actually according to teleflex seastar( who also makes baystar) the better hoses improve steering response even more.

    Anyway the baystar cylinder is just a bit smaller displacement but should work fine with most hydraulic autopilots. I ran the raymarine evo-100 with it. Worked awesome.

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  4. The prop on my 150 is a 3 blade, 13.5" (assuming I'm measuring correctly) and 19 pitch aluminum. It is almost certainly the original that the dealer or manufacturer selected for the boat ( I am the second owner).

    You are welcome Brian.

    I don't have a bow mounted trolling motor. I'm sore the two batteries add some needed now ballast.

    What prop is on your 150 ? I'm having some concerns with the performance of the 150 on my 196, and think it may be prop related.

    Thanks - Rusty


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  5. I have a ‘12 196. I love the boat, it’s the second 196 I’ve had. The first one was an ‘06 with a 115 Mercury 4 stroke. I loved that set up, trolled down to 1.8 with a small bag, planted nicely at about 15 mph, and topped out in the low 30s.

    The ‘12 has a 150 mercury 4 stroke and a merc 9.9 four stroke. The kicker works flawlessly. The issue with this set up is that I think the 150 plus the kicker makes the boat rather stern heavy causing steering issues at low speed. I fill the livewell with water to add some ballast in the bow.

    The 150 has sort of adjustment feature on the tach that allows the motor to be operated in a trolling mode. It allows for rpm adjustments of 50 (rpms) to control speed. I’ve used that feature in the past, and it works really well.

    So, in my experience in your situation, the kicker works great, but I’m not sure it’s needed because of the weight and option of trolling with the main.

    Good luck fellow 196 owner-


    My boat too has the Mercury 150 4s as the main motor. I have already installed a smartcraft tachometer to adjust rpm for trolling and I agree, it works very well. I ran this setup on my Lund in lieu of a kicker due to cost, space, weight on transom, and because I knew I would be sliding up in boat size.

    I am considering the kicker because I plan on keeping the Starcraft for a long time and I wonder if keeping 10-15 yrs worth of trolling hours off the main motor would be worth it. Combine that with the redundant safety of having an auxiliary engine and that is where I am at.

    I have 2 large batteries in the bow that must weigh 60lbs each for the electric trolling motor. Do you run an electric motor on yours and also have batteries up front?

    Thanks for the feedback.


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    Looking to add a kicker to my 16 fishmaster 196 that is already pre rigged for Mercury. Thinking a 9.9 pro kicker and was looking for opinions/ experiences.


    Anybody running a late model 9.9 pro kicker and if so what are your likes/dislikes? Some searches I did turned up complaints on the fuel system( carb, jets) fouling up with ethanol gas, but I only run the non ethanol anyway. Anybody have or heard of this?



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  7. I launched from Bald Eagle just ahead of you and worked that shallower water. Didnt want to run deep since it was the shake down run in my new-to-me 16 FM 196 and I'm still getting acquainted with her.

    Batteries were dead in my fish hawk probe, but I'm sure we were fishing way out of temp. Best screen all day though was 90 fow early. Started fishing marks and did something like 8-9 with a skipper, couple teens, and 4 or 5 over 20 lbs. Meat and spoons worked with UV wonderbread in the mag size doing the heavy lifting.

    When I get warm temps this time of yr I go deep. I stopped 200 300 then 350 dropping probe till I saw a temp break, then started fishing. I know guys that did well in the warm water this morning, but personally I go offshore and look for better situations. We are getting close to the kings throwing temp to the wind and staying in the warm though. Saw multiple high 20’s taking in the 170fow range today on meat. Biggest I saw tickled 29
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