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  1. On 6/19/2021 at 7:22 PM, iceman05 said:

    If anyone is looking for a decent cellular trail camera. Check out the moultire delta. I picked up two for $75 a piece. So far I’m pleased. I had some washout pics and moultire sent me a firmware update within the hour of me contacting them.


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    just ordered 2

    can't wait I have 6 moultrie 7000 cellulars rock solid great pics need to check out the video feature it is awesome on the 7000s

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  2. Hey guys we are seeing way way less turkeys that ever in Allegany County Almond area, 

    any thought on Coyotes affecting the pop? Small herds of raccoons too everywhere so double down on the birds?

  3. Hello all !

    My son and I are exploring waterfowl hunting he has decoys we have been out a couple times no luck finding alot around Livingston County area , any areas we should try that might increase the odds?

    travel is not a problem just looking for tips 

    tough sport to break-in as newbie thanks for any info!!

  4. To the compound bow guys I have 2 crossbows now a Barnett Predator and Killer Instinct...simply put they significantly extend your energy and penetration at longer distances.

    Much more reliable flight! 70 yards is easily attainable.

    get a good one and see for yourself

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