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  1. On 5/30/2022 at 9:08 PM, mrk61 said:

    Not trying to spend your hard earned $ but, since you have a kicker, you might want to consider one of the popular electronic throttle controllers. I too struggled with troll bags (21’ boat) and use them primarily when the water is very rough as it helps settle the boat in the waves. I set up a Trollmaster brand throttle controller on my kicker and it solved my trolling speed issues. I can fine tune my Troll speed all the way down to .8 mph. You don’t need to have kicker motor controls up front, just the small electronic module that is part of the Trollmaster, or I-Troll, etc. of your choice. It also makes life considerably easier if you have an EZ Steer or similar type connector rod between the main and the kicker so you can steer the boat in the usual fashion. 
    Hope that helps in your decision making! 

    I considered an electronic speed control for my kicker, but I think I would have to upgrade my kicker.  I'm running a 1972 Johnson 6hp.  If my hand is forced I would definitely upgrade to a four stroke.  I will look again tonight to see if anything fits the 6.

  2. Thank you all for the suggestions, these are my third set of bags I started with 28' s then 36' s and finally got my speeds where they need to be with the 48' s.  I was unaware of how the pivot point can be a factor with control.  Originally I had them anchored just in front of the windshield and the end of the bags were almost even with the stern.  I did some testing last season with the tail rope lengths trying to keep the bags tight to the boat.  I also tried anchoring them to the bow and having them run a little under the boat and just past the drivers seat.  If I'm understanding the pivot point theory I have to have them anchored at that point on the boat.  

  3. Looking to see if any others have boat control issues when using trolling bags.  My set up is a 19 foot deep V aluminum with a 4.3 IO.  My bags are 48 inch and this able to get me down to 1.7 mph for walleye.  I've been trying different spots on the boat to anchor the bags and I've had no luck.  As soon as I let the wheel go I'm doing a crazy Ivan.  I have a kicker and the boat tracks a lot better when using it I just don't have remote controls for it.  Maybe I'm fighting a losing battle or maybe someone  has some experience on a similar set up.  Pretty much I like bags for when I'm solo.


  4. Looking to set up my first copper rig and thinking of a 300' set up on an Okuma convector 55 high speed and an Okuma classic pro GLT med action 8' 6" rod.  My question is this length rod OK or should I be going longer?  

  5. I too was thinking about making a hard top for my 19 footer to get rid of the Bimini mostly for cold rainy days, I was looking at extending off the existing walk thru windshield at the same angle with 80/20 and then going horizontal to the mid of the boat and then down to the gunwale.  80/20 is great to work with it is extruded aluminum with a lot of bolt on fittings/angle brackets, and you can insert Lexan in the center channel.  Just never bit the bullet and attempted to make the top. The only down side it is a little pricey.

  6. On ‎6‎/‎5‎/‎2018 at 8:24 AM, thumbburn said:

    Whatever is closer... hot fishing everywhere

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    Went out of Oswego this morning, got 7 kings, nothing too big.  Lost a 4 or 5 seemed that the fish were hitting short had 3 come off in the net.  I had two lead cores snap off at the rod tip today while dragging in line boards, it must have been all the pounding the from the waves.  Was only able to find one of the boards, the other went under not sure if there was a fish on it but we were able to turn around and got about 75 yard from it then it disappeared under the water.  Switched to mono and jet divers and was able to get a couple more on the boards.  All in all it was a good day, and I got to use my new fish hawk for the first time, boy I love that thing!!!

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  7. Hello All- I got a pleasant surprise this week, my nephew got a 10 day leave and I'm able to take him to Ontario this Wednesday.  My question is where should I go out of either Oswego or Irondequoit, my only experience and success on Lake Ontario is been fishing around Nine Mile and in front of Oswego in late April and early May fishing for Browns and Lakers.  I never fished in June before and I would like to get him hooked up on a salmon.  It's only going to be a day trip and Oswego is 150 miles and Irondequoit is 200 miles, that is about all I can handle driving for one day.  I figured I would ask the experts that know the lake patterns and if one area is better at a certain time of the season.


    Thanks Seabass73

  8. 15 minutes ago, stoneam2006 said:

    How was getting in and out of the creek? I did hear the driveway is pretty rough but I'll take it easy I'm more worried about in and out of the channel

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    The channel is fine, not a problem there were plenty of good size boats in there and it's protected by the wind, we just idled in and out was able to turn around by the boat launch. 

  9. Fished out of Catfish Creek last week 5/4-5/5, great people there very helpful.  We had two boats in our group and we had a great experience we boated a nice mix bag of kings, steelhead, browns and some Lakers. We will be staying there again.

  10. 3 hours ago, Fishnut said:

    You know I listen to a lot of guy complain about their boards not pulling out to the sides hard enough. I don't think they realize that if the boards pull out at 90 degrees there lines are only going to go half way down to the board. the goal is not to get your boards out at 90 degrees. you want them as close to 45 or 50 degrees so your lines run down to the planers.

    if there at 70 to 90 they are pulling way to hard, your lines will only go half way out and cause a bow in the line and stop.  ( its kinda like running a cheater on a rigger, it will only go half way down). just my thoughts.

    That is exactly what is happening, my plan is to replace the mono with 200lb power pro, reset the lengths of the strings on the otter boats to the factory spec. Then going to try the tips and tricks that were mentioned above.

    And once again thanks for all the advice. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Legacy said:


    If your Otter boats are tracking that well then that is a good thing!

    Whats releases are you using? 

    You may want to raise your mast height to create a better downward angle to help the releases slide down better.

    The mast is about 7 feet above the deck, I was thinking about moving to the tip of the bow and I would gain another foot.  My releases are OR and Scotty mini's they both have the same style of shower curtain ring that slides on the tow line.  I'm heading back to Lake Ontario this Friday and Saturday, I lost a couple of fish yesterday on the outside Inline boards trying to get the lines out of the way.



  12. Has anybody had problems getting their Otter Boats to track further back behind their boat.  Whenever I use my set up the Otter Boats seem to be at almost a 90 degree angle to the boat, I can't the releases to slide down more than 25 feet (about half way).   I emailed the factory and they said to try to move the loop in the tow line a half inch to the front, I'm using 125 pound mono on my mast.  Well I tried that yesterday and it made no difference, I tried moving the loop a couple times and just got frustrated and switched out to Inline boards.  I'm not sure if I should buy a second set of keels, go to Dacron on the tow line, or just get ski style boards. 


    Thanks Seabass73

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