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  1. Not sure why they close a launch like that one. Not ideal but still usable.
  2. Funny post. Man I can relate. Yesterday we were laughing out loud in front of the Genny as these guideboats (most notably a boat named Candy) were fighting at least one fish every time we passed them, and here we are in the same water, trolling the same speed, presumably running the same lures, and getting skunked. Actually we landed two beautiful kings including my nephews first one ever, but your post hit home. Thats why I love this site and how helpful the ninja fisherman are to those of us who dont know what we're doing out there.
  3. And all this flooding in a year that's basically normal rainfall. New York is getting screwed so bad with plan 2014, this is a joke. They said 2 inches higher than normal was all we'd see, they meant 2 feet. I understand the record rainfall two years ago was at fault, but this has gone too far.
  4. Was also down there Saturday afternoon. Launch wasn't closed, as long as you have two people or solo you'd be ok if it's calm. Remember the levels move a lot based on wind so the dry dock you see in paprman's pic could change quickly so bring boots. Worst case you could head west and use the launch next to port of rochester, but you'll be fine.
  5. We didn't make it out, the wind was humming pretty good, didn't want to scare the girls. Going to wait for another day after school this week when it's not so rough. I'm reading it's tougher to find fish in the east winds? Seems to be a lot that in the forecast.
  6. I say fishing 4 or 5 times a year is MORE incentive to get a FH. You dont have the time to monkey around guessing, you need the data stat. Get one. If it doesnt prove itself worthy then sell it.
  7. Taking out two girls who have never caught a fish but are very excited to land a big one. The 11 year old just drew me a picture of her hoisting a nice sized fish that said "I can't wait to catch my first big fish". (so far her career has been limited to gobies, rockies and one little largemouth) Thanks for the pressure kid. I have two riggers and two planer boards, a surface temp reader and a new fishfinder. We'll be going after school Friday which hopefully will have a south wind and not the east they're forecasting for tomorrow. My question for you experienced guys: if you had to guarantee TWO decent fish in an afternoon going out of Roch, how would you do it? Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Thats gonna be a nice pile of fillets right there. You guys fishing at Henderson?
  9. Some of those browns are mountable. Fantastic colors. Whoever named them Brown Trout is an idiot, one of the best looking fish in the world
  10. I've hit my garage door closer and walked/driven away before I saw the door close all the way, only to notice later the door was open because there was something it hit at the bottom like a broom handle or even built up snow and the door opened back up because it couldn't quite get to the floor. Snow or Ice maybe?
  11. If you hit the shoulder socket straight on, nothing will penetrate. Its not a fixed blade vs expandable debate with a shot like that, its a simple fact. I have seen a 12 gauge slug fired from 30 yards dead broadside hit that shoulder knuckle and run straight up through the neck of a deer and out the cheek. Its only a tennis ball sized spot, and unfortunately you were just a few inches forward on your shot my man. That deer has nothing but a stiff shoulder today, you just might get another crack at him. Remember a liver or double lung just as deadly as heart shot, so stay away from that shoulder! Good luck.
  12. What you saw was a guy cheating. These scammers have zero ethics and leverage the NYS system loopholes and hunt trophy bucks with rifles in the evening/well into dark with spotlights over food sources. Takes no skill, and the animal has no chance. By my house in Penfield these scammers have planted a handful of free pine trees that they got from the state, they let them grow a couple years and cut some branches off claiming the deer rubs were ruining their business of Christmas tree farming. The DEC didn't even ask for proof and gave them 30 "deer damage permit" tags. The past two years at summers end we hear the rifles go off at dusk and these dopes literally chain saw off the heads of these beautiful bucks, leave the carcass and take em to the taxidermist. I have witnessed this three times and finally drove up to ask them what was up with this scam. They seemed proud of the kills and that they figured out the loophole. It's not fair chase, or fair anything, but they don't care because the DEC doesn't care. The shooters told me they have buddies that do this all over NY. Nice job DEC, way to go. Nuisance permits are doe only but these DDP permits include bucks too now. Total joke the state should be ashamed of themselves. Next time you see a DEC official be sure to let em know.
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