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  1. Um.... so if thats a 4 foot 40lb king then that lady is 6'5 and her fingers are bionic. Why can't the Canadians just admit they politely fib about everything? My buddy from Mississauga said the other day he LIKED paying 60% income tax because the roads are in such good shape. What? Wha? 40kb kings my asss
  2. A QUAD !!!! That mustve been complete mayhem. Hilarious. Nice job thx for the report.
  3. I respectfully disagree w Captain Carl, as two charters will probably cost you more than your entire cottage rental for the week. On top of that, just floating, relaxing, swimming, tubing the kids etc is a huge part of boating. If you don't bring your Grady you're going to regret it. (Just make sure those trailer bearings are good before you roll out!) ..... one other thing I forgot to mention in my previous post, that blue plastic barrel system works really well, you'd only need two. We put them on the docks and fill em with water from the hose (or bring a little submersible pump) and the weight keeps the wave action from getting under the docks and lifting them, which can crush the docks in a bad blow. If they arent using any barrels to prevent this (they should be) you can find them for $15 each on craigslist near Sodus. The apple industry uses tons of them and they're everywhere. Go get a pair, fill em to the top and position them just over the edge of the dock about 10 feet apart. They will keep your boat off just fine. Tie to the cleats as u normally would even though they're underwater it doesnt matter. We've been using our docks all summer this way. P.s. if you dont have a pump just bring a jigsaw and cut the entire top off the barrels, get the kids a bucket and 50 scoops later she's all filled up and weighs 400 lbs. Just be sure to get the barrel in position as u add the water because once they're filled you can't move em!
  4. You can still tie to a submerged dock if you use the wind to keep the boat off, and set an anchor off the other side to keep it off the dock. If they have blue barrels filled with water on the dock (lots of us do right now) slide a few of the barrels over so they're hanging off the edge of the dock a little and they work nicely to keep the boat away from the dock. Keep an eye on the winds and forecast of course, (we pull the boats in the evening if the wind is kicking up) but the breeze usually quiets down at night, you won't have to pull em every night. Also, make sure your anchor is set well and there's plenty of scope. When you go out just tie a boat cushion to the anchor rope as a marker and snag it with the boat hook when u come back in. Some people use 2 anchors, one stern one bow. It works!
  5. Going to be targeting lakers in the 80-120 range tmrw, have a few cowbells w peanut fly, wondering if there are any other rigs/lures you guys would recommend I try. Any thoughts appreciated...
  6. Going to be targeting lakers in the 80-120 range tmrw, have a few cowbells w peanut fly, wondering if there are any other rigs/lures you guys would recommend I try. Any thoughts appreciated...
  7. Heard u were catchin a lot yesterday. My brother said every time he went by you guys it seemed like u had a fish on. Were you running straight stickbaits off your planerboards early?
  8. Noticed in most pics everyone has treble hooks on the spoons. Better than a single hook?
  9. Triples on kings had to be hilarous. Talk about mayhem. We were wondering if having a fish on excites the other fish to hit. Do the odds of another hit increase when you're fighting one already?
  10. So are the 4 year old kings good eating? Seems like you'd want the younger ones for the table....
  11. The captain was a real douchebag, said I had to throw it back. I'm never speaking to THAT guy again.
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