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  1. I currently have a 2019 Starcraft Fishmaster 196, with 150 HP Yamaha Main Motor and 9.9 Yamaha Kicker Motor mounted on the port side of the main motor.  I have Bert's tracks on the boat, currently have 2 Cannon Mag 10s with extendable booms that I use on swivel bases mounted in the tracks.  My question is, I would like to add 2 more riggers, however, not sure if there would be any clearance issues adding the extra riggers or would they create space issues? Also, looking for thoughts on what type of additional riggers I should get and installation configuration for all 4 riggers?  Any recommendations/thoughts would be very much appreciated.  



  2. I want have an autopilot installed on my boat, but I have virtually no knowledge of autopilots, so thought I'd come here for some expert advice.  I have a 2019 Starcraft Fishmaster 196 with a 150HP Yamaha and 9.9 Yamaha Hi-Thrust Kicker.   The motors are connected with a tie-bar, seastar hydraulic steering for the big motor.  Any advice as to what brand/type of autopilot that would work for this setup would be greatly appreciated.   Some questions that come to mind:

    Would the autopilot be installed on the big motor or the kicker?  If on the big motor, would that motor need to be running to steer the Kicker Motor?





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