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  1. I have a 1990 Seaswirl 21 foot boat with an omc cobra. The steering is a bit loose. any thoughts on how to tighten this up? new steering box?
  2. Now I am having trouble getting the outdrive in. almost there but no cigar. Also I am not sure if I have the gimble bearing all the way in. I use the alignment tool till it bottomed out, but not sure if it needs to go in more. I only need 3 inches and it will fit in.
  3. Thank you so much. I was told to use RTV sealer as well as the paper gasket on the outdrive when putting it back together. Is this a good idea?
  4. I recently removed my outdrive and replaced my universals, bellows and gimble. My friend was being funny and moved my shift lever on my outdrive, how do I figure out what forward and reverse is. I know the middle is neutral, but is up forward, or reverse. Thanks!
  5. Ya. I have ordered some parts from them. Just would like a one stop shop. Thanks!!
  6. Hi guys, I just bought a 1990 seaswirl, put it in the water and was hearing noise from the outdrive, going straight its a bit loud, as I turn its very quiet. I pulled the outdrive off, the gimble bearing was seized on the yoke. I ordered a gimble, yoke, universal and bellows. I was having a tough time finding parts for a 1990 OMC Cobra outdrive, I had to order from 3 different sites. Does anyone have a site they know of? Thanks
  7. I am interested on the Long boom mags. I was wondering where you are located?
  8. Are Trout or salmon hitting on egg sacks or scane this time of year, or is trolling the best technique now?
  9. Hi guys, Are the browns hitting any egg sacks this time of year? Or is trolling the bet
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