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  1. Local pick up in Geneva could hold if going to Watkins tackle show
    2695E0FE-1D81-4EB3-B417-05CFC875F448.thumb.jpeg.0a97be4351e14febdf94133186c3380e.jpegnorms custom electric trolling motor mount great for trolling $70
    E64A223F-EB3F-41D5-ACAA-997F0A3F9757.thumb.jpeg.4b351b044e8a3ed4e64dd0422e64114c.jpegrod holders cannons and Mis track mounts $401F7D1402-6FEA-4411-9D6F-B24340CA171C.thumb.jpeg.cccf2f7894f092b25dc372cc2894b02f.jpeg chinook divers size 5 never fished just opened and taped them $256CD44832-A19A-45A4-8FE9-DEE121E09ABA.thumb.jpeg.97c91c061ed9cbd1bcd1890aae4baa09.jpegcustom welded rod holders for track mount $50415BB246-CCD5-4DC8-9C7D-B754805282E0.thumb.jpeg.f48509cfbeed135b5af500789b3a1852.jpegcannons $120 for pair91A0CF0D-C23C-4310-9599-1423C302E2BB.thumb.jpeg.10b99a7f39e8b3c520099547c083699d.jpegreels older
    3 triton 200 work great
    1 daiwa 47 
    2 charter specials 300 and a 1000 level drag $200 for lot ( both needs to be cleaned)
    Track mounts (cannon) $110
    more pics below
    Are the rod holders still available and are you willing to ship?

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  2. 4 hours ago, troutman10 said:

    The 115 hp doesn't have a primer bulb

    It's probably a newer fuel injected motor .My Yamaha outboard has the gas line run to the inside and permanently connected. My Merc kicker has a primer bulb and is connected like you want to do. If I haven't used it for a while I have to pump primer. Having it permanently connected is nice 

  3. Got (6) of the Traxstech brackets for Alumacraft aluma-track.  They are used and have been mounted.  Came with the boat and went diff route.  Asking $40 for a pair or $100 for all 6 plus flat rate ship(heavy) $8.95.   The 2 end pieces in the photo show the top plate for diff hole patterns.  Any questions, please ask.  PayPal preferred but check or money order is also fine.  Thanks in advance.
    I'll take these if you are willing to ship

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  4. I bought this to install on my Penn Yan. Before installing I powered it up to make sure it worked and it seemed to respond and then it stopped working. I am not sure what is wrong with it. Comes with a parts list of things replaced before I bought it and the manual. 400 o.b.oIMG_20220116_162447477.thumb.jpg.07f1e45614c275734f5f4a3b036b1a9f.jpgIMG_20220116_162442701.thumb.jpg.0ec625fe42371c420388a219a4902930.jpgIMG_20220116_162433645.thumb.jpg.543cbbe8b774bfa5155f92cff91e00c0.jpg
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    When you powered it up and it came on it probably won't do anything else until you move the fluxgate compass to give directions to the head unit. Also these units can still be repaired by a guy in Daytona Florida as he bought the rights to king and all the new parts. Just trying to be helpful,these are great units

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  5. Had a few offers
    It’s complete looking for around 500
    Or I will just put it on the perch boat

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    You would be better off. I sold mine and replaced with a 12 helix g3n which I love but not really that much better. Mega imaging is better and little trinkets like my ulterra remote comes up on helix but not three grand better. Also humminbird still fixes those units.

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  6. Altum reels

    Joel I got 1 for you I’m away from the gear right back on Sunday night. Newer style cabelas 20 line counter leftie.

    [email protected]

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    Hi Joe,. We have talked a few times in the past and I am not trying to mind your business but if you can't find the reels you are looking for you don't have to be afraid to buy those altums. I have had those since they came out five years ago and they are really nice. I don't do salmon often but I'm convinced that they would work well. Just wanted to let you know if they were your last option. The price is good too. I contacted seller the other night hoping they were the right hand ones pictured. Tight lines and have a great season

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  7. Rods

    Six  {6} Okuma dead eye 7"6   8- 17 lb line,1/2-2 oz action,2 piece rods, $240 for all  Rods are NEW out of the wrapper, never used not interested in selling 1 at a time ,  Will be traveling from Erie to Rochester next Wednesday, could meet anywhere close to I 90 corridor.
     Pics are stock picks robbed from Internet, just to show color and handle
    I'd go two hundred doug .I'm near dunkirk. I bought the raymarine graph a couple of years ago

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