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  1. 7 hours ago, Burger said:

    Maybe I’m just not in the know enough, but i’m not seeing any recent reports out of Wilson, or anything substantive out of Olcott…has it been slow? Wanted to head up tomorrow preferably to wilson but would do olcott if it’s noticeably better! 


    Thanks appreciate any input whatsoever 

    Had a handful of small kings on the bar today.  Threw them back. Had 2 big hits, one broke 30 lb leader (nicked?)  Another got loose quickly.    Seems slow on west end of Lake.   Caught one in 320, down 80, others were in 90-120 fow, depths from 50 to 80.   Seems real slow this year compared to years prior.  Not sure what's going on.   Keep thinking about just going for walleye on erie at this point....

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  2. 12 hours ago, websterwilli said:

     I have a pair of the Z-wings. My observation, they work well in setting depths 50' or less. Below that setting, they put too much torque on my Scotty's.  In the spring, and late summer, they are quite effective.


    I've got the 250 model and it pulls pretty hard.   My walker downriggers will handle it, but they didn't seem very happy to do so.   As a result it mostly collects dust and serves as a spare for me at this point.   I like the fish shaped weights the most myself.

  3. You should be fine most days.   Keep an eye on forecast, maybe stay nearer to shore in the flats if it gets too rough for ya.   Lots of boats that size out at the dropoff on good weather days.  Even some on 2ft'er days.   I can't say i recall many in the 16 ft range out there when the forecast calls for 2-3 ft waves though.


    Worst case, bring some walleye lures and fish the river! 

  4. I’m looking at the webcam and it looks like they’re still doing construction on the pier. Any word on when this will be done/when anglers will be able to be able to go on the pier?

    As of a few weeks ago they were ahead of schedule and on track for an end of October completion.

    Not sure when or if they'll let folks back on pier though. Try calling the ramp office or boat Dr's, they may have an idea.

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