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  1. Great Lakes & Tributary Regulations

    New YorkFishing

    These regulations apply to New York waters of Lake Erie, the Upper and Lower Niagara River, Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River, and designated sections of the tributaries to these waters. Tributary sections subject to these regulations are generally defined as the bridge closest to the mouth upstream to the first barrier impassable to fish. Tributaries with different boundaries and exemptions are listed separately below. Note that there are also seasonal tackle restrictions and restrictions on night fishing in the tributaries. Statewide angling regulations apply for species not listed.

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  2. Nice job! Just be careful using a drop shot on the tribs. Most tribs or parts of the tribs it is illegal.
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    Thanks gambler a lot of people believe that but as for irondequoit bay you can fish with drop shot until the first impassable barrier and that includea part of the creek. Now by the lower falls you cannot use that style having the sinker on the bottom south of the 104 bridge. Its in the fishing regulations and can be confusing.

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  3. Fished from 7am to 10am landed 13 total all basic cookie cutter browns except 2.


    Drop shot with soft plastic was key chartreuse and the good old firetiger! They came in waves but every wave we took advantage! Catching 3 within a half hour a lull and then bam more attacking bait before it hit the bottom!


    Me and my dad doubled up seemed like everytime he hooked into one, seconds later I was yelling back and the competition was on. The old man had 7 and I landed 6 he won the biggest too. Beautiful day to be out winter seems to be over! Lots of people out trying there luck at those trout everyone was respectful and gave enogh space to fish and at the end seemed like me and my dad out fished the 15 other fishermen with only a few dirty looks and some frustration. Only one guy asked what i was using and i gladly shared.

    Any creek you can find these fish get at them at Ellison park area bear creek or the oak!IMG957970~2.jpeg


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    What a great time today of some world class perch fishing! This was my second time out on sodus bay ice and what a success. At 6am Crossing a mile of uncharted ice to get to the spot I have never been . Drilled two holes set up shop and from 7am to 2pm it was NON STOP! Me and my dad had managed 50 keeper perch in about 3 hours. After having a great first 50 we thought it might be possible to limit out since it wasn't slowing down we went for it! catching 50 more by 2pm. All fish were caught on two of the same lures just different colors. No need to change lures and didnt even have time to eat the fishing snacks. Another one for the book for me and my dad! Making great memories that will last a lifetime.






  5. They will be in later this winter.  Some years they migrate into the ponds in the fall and some years it is mid to late winter.  I fished the Lake O bays a lot for perch and this fall was dismal until very late.  Every year is different and winters like this, you just have to go somewhere else to find good numbers of perch.  I don't usually put effort into the ponds until Valentines Day. 
    Makes sense and as always much appreciated gambler! I will give it another try in a week. I'm looking into hitting up the bay of quinte soon. They pull giant walleye regularly in those waters. You ever fish up there ?

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  6. Ok so I have been out twice so far since we just got safe ice in the last two weeks. Cranberry pond both times. The north end the first time with no success groups of other guys struck out two with only less than 5 fish. The second time was on the eastern shore of cranberry with same results. Last year around this time I was crushing perch and walleye on these ponds ! Are perch numbers low? Have they not migrated to spawn in the ponds yet? Any idea what's going on? Many of my fishing partners have had the same luck so far this year just trying to figure this pattern out and any insight would be appreciated (this photo was from last year on Martin Luther king day).727_1516058924135.jpeg


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  7. Congrats to everyone that has connected. I have 3 sits left for the season then I have to hang it up. (Work and family obligations). I am lucky enough to have a full freezer but yet still feel like it’s been a so/so season. A have let a lot of racks go early and haven’t seen one since the gun opener. I have hunted every morning and night that I could and the weather allowed. I have hunted close to home, 45 miles north, and 95 miles south, 3 different counties.


    This thread at times has kept me sane and very much entertained. I’m with the guys on the low side of seeing deer - normal sit im lucky to see 1-4, and many times 0, but it doesn’t deter my drive.


    Best of luck to all those still out shoot straight and have a great Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas


    Maybe I’ll have one more post in me if I can connect ....



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    Keep at it sit as long as you can change spots regularly. Use dominant buck urine to keep the big ones checking their territory more often. This buck was the second deer I've seen all gun season first one was a doe I put down and then this guy. Total of 4 full days. I thought I started out slow too. We all have jobs and cant hunt everyday. Good luck and I pray for your success.


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  8. Well after lots of hours and 3 years total of my hunting career I finally got my buck. I've met him a few times the last two years during bow season with him just out of reach. Today he came in fast at 15 yards and was met with my 30 06. I am truly blessed. Thanks to all the help from my fellow hunters stay consistent and put in the time.20181201_110246.jpegIMG950023.jpegIMG953643.jpeg

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  9. Couple Fonzies( leather jacket wearing kings) this AM... Went out a little deeper and the warm water screwed up everything... All good.... MissD getting pulled soon.. Fellas , good luck the rest of the season and be well.

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    Thank you sir hope you had a good season and most likely will see ya out there!

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  10. Started early like really early lines in at 4am. Trolled the mouth of the river with a 3 rod spread on my friends boat all j plugs. One flat lined one at 5 and 10ft no luck until sunrise and a quick swap out of the j plug for a carbon 14, down 10 over 30fow. Nice female and it was my friends first king salmon ever the adrenaline and excitement was priceless for him. Everyone remembers thier first one! Picked up another same depth on a sutton spoon. Went 2 for 3 was off the water by 9am. J plugs are not producing much this year so far. Glad to get fresh eggs more to come good luck everyone and please share your reports nice to hear the success.
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