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  1. JSfish

    Lake Ontario Smallmouth fishing

  2. They work good on Lake "O" too. I caught a 34lb king on a sutton 38 back in 1990 on one.. Still use them today...
  3. JSfish

    Video on gobie on bass spawn

    Myself and my family have fished from Ontario/Williamson to Henderson/Sacketts harbor since the 1960's. For anyone to say that small mouth bass numbers have increased must not have years of history to compare to.. Sure bass are bigger and their bellies are gorged with Gobies. It seems also that there are more smallmouth in the bays than in some years ago when Largemouth were the primary bass in the bays, and smallmouth on the lake. On the other hand Walleyes in the bays and river have gotten much better in numbers. I wonder what the eyes do differently than the smallmouth when it comes to laying their eggs? Divers I have spoken to also say the same as they are seeing lower numbers on wrecks compared to years past. Not many years ago you could catch smallmouth bass after bass of all sizes, I don't mean 10 or 15, I mean a hundred plus a day of all sizes. The last several years bass have gotten much, much bigger on average with far fewer numbers.. I can't remember when I caught a 12" bass on the lake. Every bass I catch is 17" to over 20" which is great, but they are not as plentiful. What happened?
  4. JSfish

    Where are the smallmouth bass?

    Thanks Ernie, its funny you mentioned pipes in your post. I was talking to a diver that was just coming off the water Saturday and he mentioned he is seeing bass on the pipeline. I went out for a few hours Saturday drifting bass minnows anywhere from 20 to 30 feet. Had a few hits, and caught a slob. If you get the live bait too low, Gobies get it and the bait gets slimmed. Got to keep it just off bottom where the little critters can't get it, and it can't get the green slime on it. Are you seeing Gobies in 12 to 14 feet of water? Trolled deep divers for a while but when the fleas or algae or whatever gets on the line quickly, and collects it kills it...Hopefully the fleas or whatever will die down in a few weeks.
  5. JSfish

    Where are the smallmouth bass?

    I fish from Ontario down to Sodus and the Bass have been getting harder to find during the last 5 years or so on the south shore, with the abundance of Gobies the bass that I do catch are huge, but can't remember the last time I caught a Smallmouth under 15".. Some years ago we would catch a hundred a day drifting live bait or trolling deep diving crankbaits like wallydivers in 26 to 30 feet of water, but now a days you need to work for them it seems. I have a friend that has dove on the lake shore for years and said he would always swim through schools of bass on the wrecks he goes to, but the last years very few bass are there, and the ones that are there are huge.. Wonder if the Gobies are eating the eggs causing the reduction in small bass, but offering forage for the mature bass to gorge on? Softshells are bass candy and are expensive but I mange to catch a few here and there but keeping the Gobies off them is a challenging..Drifting Senkos along the bottom has been productive occasionally, but the Gobies pound it while its down there as you can feel them constantly nailing the bait..
  6. JSfish

    Yamaha 150 4 stroke

    I have a 2014 Yami 150 on our sea hunt escape, trolls like a dream.Very fuel efficient... Enjoy your new boat!