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  1. I have had two Lunds since the early 90's (current Lund is 2012) and can't say anything bad about them. I have friends that have had good luck with Crestliner too.
  2. I can vouch for the hull cleaning they do. I took my all white 2014 21' DC to them last year and they did a great job, it came out spotless, like new. This year I applied Aurora 721 to the bottom (2 coats) of the new boat we purchased form them in June, and the scum on the bottom melted away with just a spray bottle of slimy grimy. Either way there is an option to return your hull to like new with out painting, and yes, my boat sits Hugh's for the entire year.
  3. I hope it puts a dent in their population.. They eat the fish and crap all over our boats.....
  4. I recently contacted Bill (Slow rollin) on behalf of my neighbor that was stuck at their dock with an I/O that wouldn’t start. His experience was positive as he said Bill knew his business and was dependable, reasonable, and honest. Highly recommended! Thank you!
  5. I use a fish whistle.. Works every time....
  6. What style of boat did you install the AP in, inboard, outboard etc. Did you do the work yourself?
  7. Appreciate all the information you guy's have provided, very helpful and now I have a good understanding of the different gps units and the maps they can use. I met with Rick at Sodus pt last Friday and he was extremely knowledgeable.. Only now after talking with him I think I want autopilot too, LOL!
  8. It is somewhat confusing understanding which unit has which map for Ontario, which unit is a true gps unit with the ability to use a map card. I see the "x" is listed as a non mapping unit on the Lowrance website but it isn't explained very well. So the Garmin base lakevu map does cover all of Lake Ontario? Walleyeandre-The link to the navionics is exactly what I am after. I have used it on my cell phone and really appreciate the detail. It looks like for a decent unit with the Navionics map are all running in the 1K range. Even buying a cheaper unit (less features) and adding the map will bring the cost up close to 1K. The boat I just traded in has a Garmin and I have been happy with it, just didn't have mapping capabilities. Thanks again everyone for all your input, much appreciated!!
  9. What did you end up doing, were you able to return the card, or switch to a different unit? Thanks for the reply!
  10. Thank you, this is exactly the type of good information I am looking for!
  11. Hello, Looking to outfit a new boat with a GPS fish finder. I am so confused as to which "built in" maps will actually work on Lake Ontario. I see 4000, 9000 lakes "included" on various models, but none seem to include Lake Ontario. I don't really need side scan or many of the bells and whistles. It seems to get a decent unit with a "included" map of Lake Ontario is hard to find. Which map are you using? Your input would be appreciated!
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