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  1. I totally agree, At least 40 would be nice. People don't like to hear the preaching but it is more about the mentality of the fisherman than the law. I have a strong feeling more fish under 36 inches are kept on Otisco than over.

    The more time you spend fishing for the Tigers the more you understand what goes into them and how much you have to work for a true trophy sized fish. Catching the high numbers of 30 inchers is fun, but knowing the potential it would be nice to see a lot more of those fish continue to grow!

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  2. I have put the Assult stick to use for a few weeks now and I really like it. I planned to use it just for bigger lures mostly at Waneta and use my St. Croix Premire as my go to Otisco rod. 

     I have found that for what ever reason with the same line/reel that the Assault stick which is rated for 3 to 10 oz. Will throw small lighter baits farther and with much less backlash.

      Not sure why? It is 6 inches longer but it'shard to believe that would make as much difference as it does.

  3. 9 minutes ago, Chowdaire said:

    Ha! That's about how long I deliberate over buying baits. I'll have 20 baits in my cart at TRO for a month. Just look at them every couple of days. Then I finally decide I'm gonna pull the trigger and get it down to maybe 10 and place the order. Great service from TRO and MTO.


    The Whiskey Walleye is a beautiful pattern. Love that orange belly.


    How do you like the 2020 Assault Stick? I was thinking of getting one of the original Shock & Awes for throwing heavy baits but now am thinking about the 2020. Just wondering if it has the lightness and feel of a St. Croix since it has the price.

    I took it out to cast a few times when I got it. But I haven't actually fished with it yet. 

     I might take it with me Saturday for fun, but I doubt I will be throwing anything big.

  4. Anyone interested in sharing pictures of baits you are excited to throw for the 2020 season?

    I just got 2 Custom painted Narcan glide baits from My Addiction. I sent some pictures in and got exactly what I wanted back. 

     A few months a ago I ordered some show colors from Musky Innovations. I also bought a 2020 Assault Stick and  Tranx 400hg.



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  5. The first time I talked to you on Otisco I caught a Walleye on a fly right after you left. Still the only one I have ever caught after three years of fishing the lake 1 to 4 days a week. That being said I am never trying to Catch them.

      My goal this year is to build more confidence fishing deeper water.

  6. 3 hours ago, Charlie P said:

    I have a lot of hate for the Chinese government for hiding this from the world and no tolerance for their lies at all.

    It would take a really pile of  to crap cover up and down play the whole thing. I wonder if Xi Jinping made up un tested cures too!

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