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  1. 1 hour ago, Kevin J Legg said:

    I stopped at Keewayden and Krings Point State launches and both are open as is Wellesley Island. 2 village launches in Alexandria Bay are open and one at Goose Bay and Fishers Landing are open. Also talked to Border Patrol I saw and he said as far as he new they were open if no barricades are up. Time will tel but I have a friend with a private launch and another friend with a dock he offered so I’m in pretty good shape. Still only fishing solo or with my wife and don’t have to travel over a few miles.

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    I was thinking I need a friend with a launch and a dock. If he loves the fish and is a nonsmoker its a win/win. Lol send PM

  2. 1 minute ago, Offshore IV said:

    Lol I’ve actually considered politics but I’d be in over my head. This whole thing reminds me of when cuomo instilled the “you can have 10 round magazines in your handguns but you can only have 7 bullets in them” type of crap. Maybe his policies do well for NYC, but he is not in touch with upstate NY. 

    The only way to get in over your head in a political pole is to lay down on your face! Ha

  3. 23 hours ago, jigstick said:

    It cost me about $1000 to install my hydraulic steering myself. Compared to the price of an Octopus drive and +\- non feedback cable helm the price isn’t that much different. There is no doubt that hydraulic autopilot is better than cable systems. 

    I just finished installing a Garmin Smart Pump autopilot on my brother in laws boat. Awesome system. Better than my raymarine. 

    Please share the part number for the steering cylinder and helm.  thank you

  4. I can agree with Rick. I run a Garmin 7600 with a B60 and a GT 51 transducer. Primarily use the b60 and run the g51 in sidescan to turn on fish that pass to the sides... I am considering a Panoptix live view to tell me went the fish dont like what I have out. I am interested in feed back on that. 

  5. I have always enjoyed the roll of devil's advocate.  So if the Covid-19 numbers prove to be nothing but a wild over action. Then someone else will be the donkey.

    I would have to say no, because like combat we make our best decisions with the information at hand. We also know that sadly either way some will die and the jackass's will call others names. 🍺 cheers 

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