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  1. This is simply a statement about a simple observation.  I also recognize that fish may see differently than us. But when a fish takes a spoon or stick than looks the same as what I see in its full stomach how do you ignore the obvious. I do recognize that there are times when fish are opportunist and have taken 6 different patterns in a 5 hour outing. It is just what they are doing that day. You cannot place them in a pidgeon hole.

  2. Last year I added goby patterns to my morning spread and it produced all most every morning. I did not use coby sticks. They were effective for both browns and kings. As we entered summer I removed them from the spread because replacements were not available. Natural pattern's will be in my spread next spring.

  3. I have been on friends boat with 25hp kickers but the smallest boat was a 26'er. A 26'er also works great with a 15hp. Smaller boat can get by with a 9.9hp.

    Nada has boat and Outboard price listings. 

    I have been looking for a nice 26/28 for 2 years.

    There are many but they are hard to find right. If  you list  it may sell fast. Good luck

  4. I would recommend 4 to 6 mono rods, 2 to 4 wire and 4 weighted lines (torpedo, lead core and/or copper) Rods need to be 8 to 10' medium action. The wires rods need to be pairs that are at least 1 foot different lengths. 

    My setup was purchases over time in the order I have listed. The price of the reels will be from 50 to 150 and the rods are from 25 to 45. This is for the low to medium priced units.

    I would also recommend Chinook divers for salmon and Kastaways for trout on the bottom.

    I hope this helps. Good luck. If I can help send me a PM

  5. I would like to second Bustersit comments on Salmon School. I was at last years school and it was great. I was so ready for the advanced class and it was clear that the captains made a major effort to produce a truly exceptional advanced program.

    The Friday and Sunday classes were packed full of information for beginners and advanced fisherman. Classes were on tactics, strategy, equipment and how to boat setups. There was region specific information from captains from east, west and the Canadians were there to address the north shore. The classes started every 2 hour and they continued all day.

    The vendors came to the show with discount from 10 to 60%. I picked up new copper for 60% off. There was some new products vendors with some very interested offering.

    The DEC showed up in force and they came ready to share their information and help you with your questions.. 

    Great job and kudos to the DEC. 

    It was so so good I was sad to not be there on Monday morning. Thank you to all for doing a great job.

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