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  1. I would like to second Bustersit comments on Salmon School. I was at last years school and it was great. I was so ready for the advanced class and it was clear that the captains made a major effort to produce a truly exceptional advanced program.

    The Friday and Sunday classes were packed full of information for beginners and advanced fisherman. Classes were on tactics, strategy, equipment and how to boat setups. There was region specific information from captains from east, west and the Canadians were there to address the north shore. The classes started every 2 hour and they continued all day.

    The vendors came to the show with discount from 10 to 60%. I picked up new copper for 60% off. There was some new products vendors with some very interested offering.

    The DEC showed up in force and they came ready to share their information and help you with your questions.. 

    Great job and kudos to the DEC. 

    It was so so good I was sad to not be there on Monday morning. Thank you to all for doing a great job.

  2. Wire lines are great. If they tangle they cut every thing. If you are only running and carrying 3 rods why would you make one of them wire. If your carrying 6 to 8 rods get 2 of each. (C,LC,W,M)

    One person run one rigger with prob and two long line.

    Two person run 2 riggers and 4 long lines.

    Easy peasy and you'll catch them all day. GOOD LUCK

  3. There is a youtude post that states the dive profiles are very close out plus 200. Of course this was with wire and 300 foot wieghted wire. My thoughts are that it would be the same for copper and braid. If this is true and the profiles can be determined two rods 300/450 would cover all depths from 300 to 650.

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