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  1. Any pic of this j plug? I've not had a plug bite in years. Gave up on them but thinking if I get out this weekend I'm gonna give them a chance again.
    Cant remember the name of it, it's been discontinued for a long time. Might be able to find one on eBay or your local flea market flea market maybe even Facebook marketplace. This one and Wonder Bread usually always produce for me when they are out deep. The Brown trout love it too when I troll The Shallows in the fall. It's not Dill pickle but it's close. 20210811_162214.jpg

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  2. Great day on the lake today a big thank you to everyone who helped out past and present. Started in about 400' straight out, hit 500' it was on, ENE troll. J-plug down 90 with a cheater did most of the work. 42nd spin dr. With a stud fly down 75 took the coho. King was 28lb, weighed at the dock by the fisheries guys. 5-6.
    Hope to find a window to get our tomorrow.

    Went back out at 6pm to try the 100's after dinner. 0-1 on same jplug. Rained out.20210810_092109.jpg20210810_085516.jpg

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    Those "high marks" are typically small schools of YOY Alewife, and small Steelies feasting on them. Try not to let them distract you. Either way, I'm sure your boy appreciated that fish.
    Out here right now, thank you for the info. My temperature probe isn't working correctly today is there anybody able to help out where I'll find good temps in 300 to 500'? Thank you in advance!

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  4. Thanks guys! Unfortunately I didnt see your posts until now, almost midnight. Got on the water about 5pm headed straight out to 400, lot of marks up high. One taker and it was a nice little steelie for my boy. Taken on spoon on a fixed cheater, 25' up from a flasher n fly down 60'. Then a jack on same setup, shook off at the boat so I didnt even have to take him out of the water.

    Might try inshore if weather takes a turn. 2 whole days of Fishing to come20210809_201004.jpg

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  5. Heading up to point breeze(hopefully) friday for the weekend. The only reason I wouldnt go is because of this big blow on the way. So my question is, after a lot strong winds and rain from the N & E is it fishable inside of 100'? Wind forecast also says strongs winds from the south late friday and Saturday. Thanks in advance.


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  6. Great trip to the oak so far! Started Wednesday evening in 100ft straight out Went out to 200 picked up 2 nice kings and a steelie, missed 3. 80ft spinny with a cheater up 15 and 60ft spinny w/ a cheater up 15 were most productive all three days.

    Thursday, 8 nice fish, 10 colors and the riggers did the work DW 2 face spoons and flashers with stud flys. The water got pretty squirrelly in the late morning and my boy and buddy started chumming for us, but stuck it out. Great day!

    Friday, got a late start but ended up putting five nice fish in the box and threw some dinks back. Dipsy took 3 today. Fleas are pretty bad...one more day left!!!! A huge thank you to the captain and crew of Shotgun, we were dead on the water and they towed us from about 3 miles out, a spark plug wiggled itself loose and lost power. Good to go now though. 20190731_202036.jpg20190731_203450.jpg20190731_213151.jpg20190801_073447.jpg20190801_173038.jpg20190801_203712.jpg20190801_205128.jpg20190802_073000.jpg20190802_074737.jpg20190802_205234.jpg20190802_150755.jpg


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  7. Best place to find a originals and some new old stock is at flea markets. 90% of mine are found there and usually $1-$2 each

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  8. I have never seen anything like this before, they look like they are electric trolling motors but I can't tell. If anyone can give me Clarity on what these are I would love to know?? Notice in the picture the two props up above the main prop4153bb342539bae624d24df6869a8a2c.jpg


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  9. I forgot to add a big thank you to all who post on here! If it wasn't for all of the great information that I have to study, I would have a lot of trouble out past 120 ft. And just in case he reads this, Captain Bob Songin gives the greatest fish reports on any body of water that I've ever fished. I can also add that I will probably never use stackers on my downrigger ever again. That is after picking up some fixed cheaters from the gentleman who makes them on here. They work great! Thanks again!

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  10. Fished the oak fri-sat-sun


    Started out of Point Breeze about 5 a.m., trolled inside 30 ft out in front and west till about 7 a.m. all J plugs not a bite. Moved out towards a hundred foot trolling the whole way out marked a ton of fish no takers. Trolled out towards 200 where we found a wet desert. The water was like glass all weekend so we pulled up and headed out to where the big boys were. Found out i left my fish hawk TD at home and I have never done well out in deeper water on Lake O with my small boat. But we ended up hooking 7 steelies and releasing three. We lost a Big King and two other unknown strikes. Wonder Bread and watermelon is what worked that day everything took hits FF, J plugs, spoons riggers and divers 50-90.


    Left when the sun got high and the fished stop biting.


    Headed back to fish around 4:30 fished till 8. 130-10ft jplugs n moonshines no takers


    Same program on Saturday but we got three nice Kings inside of 30 ft before 7 a.m. Jplugs


    Moved to where we hit in 400 - 450. Asked my buddy to drop the down rigger ball and he did just that, right to the bottom of Ontario. Had a back up 10lb steel ball(tons of blowback). Ended up landing 2 steel. But then my buddy noobed a net job on 15+ probably almost 20lb steelhead, cleared a cheater line with 5-7lb steely on it and let it go on accident. Missed a few others, Bad news bears that day. Nk watermelon, wonder bread SD w/ hammer fly. Left when it got too hot.


    Evening 30-130 tons of marks. No takers.

    Tried Ff, spoons(nk,dw,ms), J plugs, rapalas, renoskys


    Sunday morning 1 king in 15ft before first light

    730am went out to 400 got a big king 41in., super dark fish on dipsey w/ wonder Bread Ff. Didnt think they went back out that far after being in the river. 2 steel. Not as many bites but DW 42nd spoon got one.

    Couldn't find the right combo to get the bite going like the day before. But we're happy and enjoyed some beautiful days out on the water.





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  11. Thank you for the informative response!

    I'm definitely coming up. I was just hoping someone was kind enough on here to possibly share some of their knowledge of what an East Wind does to Lake Ontario.

    Not for nothing, but that's 7 days away. I guess you'll just have to come up and find out.


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