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  1. Took a couple friends out new to trolling. We picked up 2 Lakers on a dipsey with a spindoctor with spin n glow trailing it. In 95 FOW. 5 Lakers on the same rig 135-160 FOW. All pounding bottom. All young fish. Dropped 3 nice ones at the back of the boat. Went out deep to 200 feet on an attempt to swing to the west side. High rigger fires 50 down over 200. After a crazy battle. The fish crossed the other rigger and dipsey line. Somehow without a tangle. I landed a beautiful 28 inch 8.6 pound rainbow! She took a ss gold rasta goose dreamweaver.
  2. Thank you buddy. Nice to see some success on the lake. Tried a few days earlier in the season and only had one 24" rainbow to show for it. After looking at the wave forecast and deciding my boat was too small for Lake O. We decided on Canandaigua. And I'm definitely glad we did! One of our best days of the season for us.
  3. First time poster here.Went out for a birthday trip Saturday and it was great one! Worked the east side and went 6 for 8. Pounding bottom with spin n glows. 3 shorts, 2 around 3 pounds, and the big fish of the day 13.9 pounds! Things started to slow. We trolled back to the west side and towards the launch. We picked up another 3 pounder 50 down over 85 on a spoon. Made one more pass without a take. And called it. It was definitely a good day on the water though.
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