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  1. Nice low baller, we refrained from fishing this morning as reports had serious waves yesterday. Might try tomorrow morning but I’m not sure yet. Good luck to you! Also, consider pine grove. The bigger boats are hitting bottom there so perhaps it will have less traffic in the morning, and your boat is small enough to scoot right over the shallow water 😊

  2. Nice. This thread has turned more into a swivel class lol which is great. Honestly I just get the largest ones I can find. I’m glad to learn more about a simple piece of tackle that I’ve never really paid attention to. One charter captain told me to avoid the swivel with the pointed end vs. having a round end because it lets the spoon wobble more freely as opposed to being reduced to one point at the swivel. What do you guys think?

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  3. Changed it up a bit. Took off from Mexico point at 1:30, launch was packed. Headed north towards sandy pond and enjoyed the beach til about 5:30. Then took off, out directly to the plant until about 75’. Ran a spoon pattern plus one meat rig, one flasher/fly. Ended up 2/3, 14# king and 9# laker. King on nbk spoon on dipsey 180’ out in 95’, laker on glow white flasher/white meat rig on rigger 79’ down in 79’ fow. 


    Not a glorious night but its my first laker. Growing up, that’s all we fished for so he is special to me!






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  4. FF34 has a good point. I would say a dipsey on a 3 setting would also be outside the cone. Remember that fish can see what’s above them far better than what’s below them. For that reason, I like to put the bait about 3’ above the marks, if I can get that accurate. I also think scent makes a huge difference

  5. 12 minutes ago, FishingFool34 said:

    e thermocline is a good place to start if you aren't marking fish or once you first get out there. But if you are marking fish then you would adjust and fish the marks instead of water temp. 

    Exactly this. I don’t use a fish hawk because it’s just not worth the extra few fish it would catch me for the cost. Rarely have I gone out and not marked a consistent depth they’re at. Especially end of August. What I can’t do is measure the speed of my lure at that depth. Oh well. 


    5 minutes ago, parisfisherman said:

    So even if the marks are not there doesn't mean the fish are not there correct? Do you not see them on a graph when mixed in at the thermocline? 

    I don’t think this to be the case with the technology we have now. I think a recent depth finder marks the fish if they’re there, especially when talking about king salmon and their size. My opinion. Over the last few years I’ve had success with minimal gear, perseverance and the help from generous people on this site. I wouldn’t over think it. Keep it simple. And keep it safe. That time of year is when people go out at all costs to catch a fish and lives are lost because of it. 

  6. End of August I’d vote pine grove. Depends on where the fish are. If they’re still out reasonably deep, mexico is where to go. As stated above, pine grove at 9pm recovering your boat will take a while and likely will be a line of guys recovering. 


    Good luck

  7. I had a meat rig, flasher and mag dipsey all snap off on me last week. There goes $50worth of gear. I felt terrible. If the fish still had the setup hooked to it’s mouth, there’s no way even a brute salmon will be able to feed or even hold up a mag dipsey. Unless it comes unhooked, he couldn’t live long. 


    Last sept we hooked a leadcore bundle, along with a flasher fly plug and slide diver. Lol someone was not pleased with that situation. 


    Growing up on the river, you’d see fish pass by with hooks and eggs everywhere, mainly the tail. Pretty sad. 



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