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  1. Ok this isn’t a bash on Mercury, but I bought a brand new 90 in 2017 which now had 361 flawless hours, as I would have come to expect. However, this past Tuesday, I decided to launch from Mexico and take the gf and my dog up to sandy pond to the beach by the inlet. It’s about a 9-10 mile trip +/-. Got there fine. After leaving the beach, around 7, I made it about 100 yards and the engine started sputtering. (Now keep in mind I personally rebuilt everything on my 1969 offshore. Floors, transom, fuel tank, lines, water separator, everything leading up to the engine.) once I heard it sputter it appeared to self correct and reassured gf that some water somehow got into the gas. Then it did it again for about 15 seconds. I look back at the engine and the fuel line inlet to the engine has completely broken off. (Similar to how you’d use to run the old two stroke carb engines out of gas) and I knew we were running on a very limited supply of fuel and that it would die momentarily. 


    I turned it it off in anticipation. Head back to the engine to see what can be done, since we are a long ways from home. There’s a two piece connector system that has a necked down tit that leads into the internal fuel line on the engine. It completely snapped in two. *serious design flaw* Fortunately, my 3/8” fuel line ID was larger than that tits OD and I managed to force press the 3/8” line with constant pressure into the engine inlet. Gf drove home while I force pressed the line to the inlet. It somehow worked. Fuel spilled everywhere en route as I know the line was sucking air too. I have never been so happy to get back to the launch. I’d have been screwed if I was by myself.


    I do carry extensive spare parts on board. Had extra hose. Nothing would have worked because I couldn’t pull the inlet out to work with it. Below is a pic of the part. Took it to Ralph in salmon country and he did exactly what my plan b was on the water. Simply run the line directly to the fuel pump and bypass the connector. This is a serious design flaw. I do not beat my motor. Rarely go over 20. And the hours on it are mostly trolling. 


    Wanted to post since if I didn’t understand the issue, and understand how the fuel delivery system worked, I’d have been left stranded. In my 1969 rebuilt boat, by a 2017 engine with less than 400 hours on it.  Lol  I know most on here understand their operation well, but I know a lot of guys run these engines and besides this flaw they are wonderful. Figured I’d post my story in case you have the same engine. If you guys want more pics or details let me know. Mercury honored the warrantee, but I will likely contact them myself. 


  2. Apologize for the length of this post*


    Ironically enough I just got my 19’ offshore hardtop shell built Memorial Day weekend for the exact reasons as you, with the idea that rod holders for copper setups on boards was going to cost about as much. Added bonus for me was side and front weather protection via clear plastic. My concern with a T top was not trolling. It was towing. My design requirements were simple- top had to be removable, the frame had to be removable (albeit only a couple times a year) and it needed to accommodate three vertical functional rod holders per side, plus 12 per front and/or back. 


    When you combine my engineering background with my hillbilly “I don’t care what it looks like, only that it’s functional” attitude, this is what you get. Contemplated piping. And I think it could have worked. Thought it would be cheaper than super strut but it added up quick. Plus the strut can be welded. My original idea was this frame, and 1/2” marine ply that I could slide in the channels of the strut on both sides and the front for the top. But then my gf suggested to use my current soft Bimini top. It can be rolled up and provides the same protection. 


    Let me know now if this cobjob inspires questions lol it has certainly inspired interesting looks. My boat was the only of its kind on lake O. But now it’s truly in a league of its own. Lol I don’t have the rod holders on yet. Likely this weekend.










  3. 45 minutes ago, reeltrout said:

    Actually I was more worried about rough waves going out of Braddocks with my smaller boat, then I was about the fishing being poor. I had some good days last year to with light east wind.

    Oh gotcha. Yes a west wind for Mexico tends to bring more rough waters. Which makes sense. Good luck out of your port!


    31 minutes ago, dickey said:


    Buddy’s 1st salmon

    Nice!!! Looks beautiful out there!

  4. Made it out around noon to 4. Lake was just calming before we headed in. Beautiful day. 2/3 with the 12# laker. Kiddo reeled it in until his back started hurting. Also caught a fat 15” brown, and the miss was likely a similar size brown. Laker caught on a black UV with green dots stinger, brown caught on Sodus point buckeye, miss was on a carbon 14. All mags. As others noted, at 40-50’, between the point and the plant, my screen was loaded with fish. They just didn’t like what I offered. Fished at 2.7 gps speed. Laker was caught flatlined outside board 125’. Brown caught on a mini diver on inside board 30’ back from board. Miss was on a rigged down 20. Was a blast. Launch parking lot was packed. Nice to see so many boats out too. I’m sure some of you saw me. I tried to be kind to everyone and not force anyone in or our. 


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  5. 4 hours ago, hookedupf7 said:

    Just curious how is the launch going with the one lane?

    I have not noticed any backlog, however keep in mind the most traffic time (weekends) has not been fishable (lake too rough) for the small boat guy. I anticipate Saturday to be extremely busy. People have been kind and patient 100% in my experience. 


    5 minutes ago, Fishnatzee said:

    Thanks for the information...hope to open my camp at Salmon Country on Friday and be on the water Saturday. I will keep an eye out for you.

    I’ll be out Saturday too!

  6. I hope you have rain gear. Personally for me this time of year is tough (though I’m on the salmon river end of the lake, which is the opposite end) They could be in shallow, and they could be out deeper. They also could bite any setup- meat, flies, spoons but spoons should be your primary run, with one meat rig and one flasher fly combo. If you can run six rods, I’d run your meat on a rigger deep, your fly combo on a diver halfway down to bottom and the rest spoons. 


    But it will change day to day. Watch your fish finder to locate em. If you want to target lakers, know that most electronics will not mark them since they’re so close to bottom. 


    Be be safe and good luck!

  7. 20 minutes ago, Justy-Joe Sportfishing said:

    LOL too funny guys. Well said. I swear half the fun is just not having a bunch of stuff going on to worry about. I do that all summer manage big spreads while entertaining. It's fun sometimes to just head out with just enough and see what you can get. That's what we've been doing anyway. And this time of year you can get away with it while everything is happening relatively shallow I guess. 

    I’ll be honest, the first time I salmon fished with my boat was only a few years ago. I had mentioned to my buddy I didn’t want to go out more than a mile. Well after trolling for hours (not sure why my stupid self didn’t do some math) I was like 9 miles offshore haha now I carry a trolling motor as backup, although my merc only has 345 hours on it. That was only with two riggers. The following year I got two boards and two dipseys. Then I just finally got a pair of wire dipseys last week lol now I can run 10 rod spreads 

  8. 18 minutes ago, Fat Trout said:

    The  problem with having a big boat mindset in a small boat is you will push it more and more.  I ran in boats up to 25' then stepped back for a few years and didn't troll.  Then I missed the lake and I got a 13'er  with a 9.9 thinking I was "just going for bass".   I did, then I slid out further for browns, then I ended up as far as 7 miles out with a rigger half ass strapped to this thing trolling for kings on flat calm days.  Got fish too, what a sleigh ride.   That's when I needed a self intervention and got a bigger boat....then yet a bigger one....lol

    I’ve been trying like crazy to justify a bigger boat. My offshore is 19’ with very high sides as it was the smallest aluminum built specifically for the ocean. I rebuilt the thing, transom, floors, new outboard etc. and it serves me very well. 

  9. 12 minutes ago, Justy-Joe Sportfishing said:

    Thanks a lot man! No I got a laugh out of team red LOL. I can assure you safety is priority for me and I am a tenacious SOB but I am smarter than to push my limits too far. I have a ton of respect for you guys and no not at all. I welcome anyone who wants to fish by me is more than welcome anytime. I saw Dirty Goose go by me also...he must have been laughing his but off also watching us out there. I think I'm gonna bite the bullet and drag the big boat out next time. I realized the fish seem to be sliding deeper now and I miss my riggers. Interesting day...I was torn between fishing the obvious mud line and fishing the dirty water as it was 8 degrees warmer!? The fish we caught were all deeper, colder water. The dirty was was really baddd but we did hit the king in there so that left me wondering if the fish were there but my spread was not conducive to the conditions. I also noticed most of the boats were on the mud line so that was the obvious way to go but many guys said the bite was slow. Thoughts on this?? We did find more fish west off the mud line over 40ft. They were all on 4 colors lead which puzzled me bc I though the browns would be in the warmer water right now but maybe it's a bait thing?

    Dude yesterday was the first time I went out and got nothing. The water wasn’t as clear yesterday as it was two weeks ago. But the water temp was far better in front of Mexico point. I think it was 53* there va 44* toward the plant. 40’ is the only depth I really marked even a couple fish, they were down around 35 or so. I think I woulda been better off sticking to the river mouth. I’m still learning and trying to adapt. I don’t think your boat was in danger in any way, more that it didn’t look very enjoyable haha especially if your first mate isn’t sure how to run the motor or rods. 

  10. 1 minute ago, Justy-Joe Sportfishing said:

    That would be me and I'm currently lmao. In my defense I was not going to travel far and had all appropriate safety gear. We ended up heading into fish shorelines but I had no confidence in the water clarity I had in there. Luckily the wind layed down just as we were going to pack it in. Fyi I drive 3.5 hours to fish that lake and my 21steiger is camped out in LG. So hope you dont judge me for being in that boat. But it's convenient and catches fish. I always bring an emergency motor and am a guide on LG...So not really the clown you may think I am. We did get tangled fighting a king...my gf first ever so actually I pulled all lines to fight that fish solely which was intentional. Us poor guys boated 6 smaller browns and one nice brown just shy of 10#. Ended up being a great day. Although I agree it was a bit risky at one point I was out there on a west 5 to 8 forecast. Hope you guys can respect that I enjoy all you share and have learned a lot from this site! 




    Lol no **** haha let me rephrase *i likely wouldn’t have been out there in a boat smaller than mine. Haha apologies if we got too close, we kinda got pinched between you guys and another boat. Hey if it works it works, you did far better than me. Must be your truck was the last one in the lot? Mine was second to last. Got real choppy at the end of the night.


    meant no disrespect, you guys did awesome!!! I’ll see team red again soon :)

  11. 6 hours ago, Hachimo said:

    Sucks to have a bad catching day.  But they certainly make them days u load the boat up that much better.

    Come to think of it. I didnt mark a whole lot of fish yesterday. Blank screens and rods would fire. Then occasionally I would have a mark come up and chase the ball,drop to neutral quick back in gear and rod would fire.  
    I’m sure ur next trip will make up for it. Still nice  to get out whenever ya can. 

    Perhaps I was going too fast. I know the saying but my experience this year has been west winds the fish bite the least, east winds the best lol I woulda changed lures more often but it was just me my gf and her 8 yo son so that combined with the rollers restricted me a bit. 

  12. 50 minutes ago, Low Baller said:

    Moral of the story. ....never bet against the kids. They always win lol.

    Sent from my SM-G900P using Lake Ontario United mobile app

    Ain’t that the truth. Thought about you today because “team red” as the gf dubbed them, was out in a boat similar to yours. 16’ red Lund that was not even close to adaquate for the conditions. They got turned around and tangled I’m pretty sure. Poor guys. If they’re on this forum they’ll know it’s them I’m talking about. 

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  13. Well I report the good and the bad. Went out around 4 today lake flat. Started between the point and catfish creek got my 6 rods in the water and then the wind picked up. 3’ rollers in my boat kinda sucks. Trolled all the way to the bouys by the plant and not even a mark. Went from 10-60’. It’s like they disappeared. Oh well. I’ve had such good luck this year I cannot complain, plus it was a beautiful night. Lost $10 on a bet that we’d catch one fish to an 8 year old tho hahahha

  14. 2 minutes ago, Hachimo said:

    I had steelhead, river fishing diehards with me With little lake experience and they were getting sick with the chop. And around 11ish it seemed the switch was flipped and flat calm. 

    😡😡😡 so upset at myself! I have to take my gf and her 8 year old son at some point. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be flat but it doesn’t look good. 

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