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  1. On 9/7/2018 at 11:53 AM, Lucky13 said:

    You will finds that the difficulty in this area is deciding where to go and what to fish for, as there are so many places that hold fish and so many varieties of fish.  Even if it is winter and pretty much a steelhead game, it can be problematic to decide where to go try for them, and a summer charter can also present issues of what to go after.  Spring and Fall, forget about it!!!! 


    Thanks for the compliment to the Rachacha area, we usually get told we are smug!

    You don’t know smug until you spend time in Fairfield county Connecticut. 

  2. My daughter just started attending college in Rochester and I have been up there twice so far. 

    I have nothing but great things to say about your community. Everyone has been so helpful and welcoming to our entire family. 

    Forum members reached out to me when I joined this forum offering local help right after I joined.

    All things considered, I can rest easy knowingly my child is 5 hours from home and in an excellent community. Anyone that has a daughter and is reading this knows how important that is!

    I’m looking forward to coming back up. 


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  3. My daughter just started at Nazareth College. Will be coming up to watch her play soccer and sneak out in the off times to stretch a line or two.  Looks like at least 4 years of coming up during the same time that the salmon hit the rivers. Will wet a line today before her game. Tight lines!

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