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  1. We had a similar experience today. We started just before sunrise and quickly picked up 3 nice steelhead on spoons between 150-200 fow. After that everything went dead except for two shaker kings out in 300+ fow that we discovered while cleaning lines. The last two days we hooked logs, balloons, plastic bags, and big clumps of weeds all while dealing with heavy fleas. It’s messy out there

  2. I respect your dedication but I don’t believe that a few pictures will hurt in the long run, properly (quickly) executed of course. I enjoy taking people out that don’t salmon fish a lot if ever, and they always want something to remember the trip by and to show to friends/family/coworkers.

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  3. 3 minutes out of the water seems to be the problem. When I’m releasing, I take the fish into the boat right away, take out the hook, and then either drag the fish with fish grips or in the net until cameras are ready. Total time out of the water is prob about 1 minute.

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  4. Trolled straight out of Olcott today and went 5 for 9. 1 small laker and average sized steel mixed in with the kings. Lost a few monsters because I took some newbies out today. Most hits were on a spin doctor/fly 290 out on a slide diver on a 2 setting with a 10 to 15 ft lead. 85-100 down over 200-300 FOW with mag spoons on riggers did well also. Didn’t catch anything big but had pretty steady action from 7-1 pm





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