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  1. Spent 3 days on the water. All 3 windy days. Made for difficult trolling at times. Trolled worm harness on deep shoals and along shipping channel.  Didn't hook any walleyes. Protected areas were good fishing. Didn't catch a big pike but several smaller ones where hungry. Lots of perch caught. A couple nice bass and a Bowfin smashed my spinnerbait. Bass and Perch made it to the frying pan. We had an excellent camping trip.








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  2. I was there Monday 7/19. Launch and creek ok. Out through Channel I had 2.0-2.5'. My first attempt out was in the morning fog. Got off channel and dragged my skig on flat rock. Once I could see, no problem. There are some of the small channel markers covered with grass. Makes them hard to see. Also I have small boat. 16.5' with 25 hp. But there some exposed flat rock spots. I looked just to my right and there was a seagull, standing there. If it's foggy I would wait it out. We did catch Lakers so good luck.

  3. 12 hours ago, MJP said:

    Good fishing. 

    Put in at Stoney Creek. Was to foggy to get out on the lake. So did a little pike fishing. Fog lifted and headed for the Wall. Found Lakers in 100 'to 120' trolling along the wall. Hammerhead Spinners in silver and glow green. Chartreuse green with black dots Kwikfish.  Caught 4 small ones. My wife Debbie is good with the net. Got my cannonball stuck on the  ledge at 100' but got it freed. A good trip. 20210719_092259.thumb.jpg.8d908b96746944cf935edd82d3f97fba.jpg20210719_111446.thumb.jpg.e7cc88eb6813fbd35511bfb0d5929b47.jpg20210719_123948.thumb.jpg.51e405ed7f90068dbef4dabea8a68030.jpg20210719_142237.thumb.jpg.5b19de2358397ad255b2536d16e2ad42.jpg20210719_143811.thumb.jpg.ce41c1db15440e43762fa9ee09eff1b3.jpg

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  4. On 7/10/2021 at 8:12 AM, chinook35 said:

    Out solo. A little bumpy
    1 for 3. 165 fow down 60. 45° home made cut bait rig . tough fishing solo getting too old for that. Lol. www.lakeontariounited.<a class=IMG_2142.JPGIMG_2142.JPGcom/fishing-hunting/uploads/monthly_2021_07/IMG_2134.thumb.JPG.c16c7f23afdcc0b8b13de08421f0de1e.JPG' alt='IMG_2134.thumb.JPG.c16c7f23afdcc0b8b13de08421f0de1e.JPG'>


    That looks awesome. 

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  5. 35 minutes ago, Chicong said:

    What weight balls do you guys use?  Could anybody tell me what is normal amount of angle our downrigger wire is at while trolling?  Is there a simple way to calculate the actual depth of the ball based on the wire angle?  Thanks!

    I use 8lb. I have a small boat. Tough to judge by the angle. Fourtunitly I can see them on my sonar. I work with that.

  6. 18 hours ago, Gator said:

    Please open the marinas! I've done everything right, I'm a sheep lol, I am happy to comply. But if I can't catch some crappie next week, all of that may change. 


    I guess I lean toward doing what's asked, so long as it isn't nonsensical. And I freely admit that my gut feelings could easily be wrong. Okay, are likely wrong most of the time, to be honest, which is why I try to be guided by logic and information. I often defer to those with more expertise. But I still haven't had anyone provide a reasonable answer for why boat launches are closed. Yeah, there's a few boats with too many people, but it's not like we're having sandbar parties, Florida style. It's mostly a bunch of stinky old fishermen who are anti-social, anyway. I'd be shocked if boat launches are contributing to the spread of COVID-19. Maybe it's a downstate thing, or maybe I'm just wrong. Either way, I don't get it.

    I think it's about the crowd that would gather at the launch and parking lot. Saratoga Lake launch has already proven it would be packed. JMO

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