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  1. This will be 2nd trip up ever. Last year was labor day weekend in Pulaski and now that I am addicted I want to do another trip. Looking at the week of August 8th. What would be your recommendation for a port? 


    Thanks in advance. 




  2. First ever trip this week planned to fish Wed-Saturday.  Fished Wednesday in the rain and went 8 for 12. Thursday we got out for maybe an hour in the AM and went 2 for 3 before getting blown off the lake. Friday we couldn’t get out due to the blow. Stuck around until this morning, got down to the launch at 5:30am and she was still angry. Packed up and headed back to Ohio. Thanks to everyone on here that helped me prepare for this trip. It was blast and I am hooked! 


    Most of our success was 70fow 2.3sog riggers down 55. Fly/flasher 










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  3. On 7/27/2019 at 9:24 PM, Hachimo said:

    My fiance and I always launch from mexico with my 25ft Trophy.  Really nice launch.Theres been weekends we bought an overnight pass and tied the boat to dock overnight and slept on it.  Aug25-Aug29 we rented a lakefront cottage to spend our honeymoon salmon fishing.  If your gonna be up there on them dates shot me a PM or gimme a yell on 68 boat name “Northbound”.   I’m more then happy to share information 

     Sounds like a great honeymoon! We will fish the 28th and 29th. I will definitely get a hold of you when the time gets closer!  Thank you for the info and help! 



  4. 21 minutes ago, Offshore IV said:

    FF34 has a good point. I would say a dipsey on a 3 setting would also be outside the cone. Remember that fish can see what’s above them far better than what’s below them. For that reason, I like to put the bait about 3’ above the marks, if I can get that accurate. I also think scent makes a huge difference


    What size dipsy's do you run? #1 or mags? 


    Do mark big schools or just small pods of fish typically? 


    Thank you and FF34 for this info. Very much appreciated. 



  5. 2 minutes ago, FishingFool34 said:

    The thermocline is a good place to start if you aren't marking fish or once you first get out there. But if you are marking fish then you would adjust and fish the marks instead of water temp. 

    So even if the marks are not there doesn't mean the fish are not there correct? Do you not see them on a graph when mixed in at the thermocline? 

  6. 8 minutes ago, FishingFool34 said:

    That's a heck of a setup, actually identical to what I will be looking for in the spring. 6 dipseys is crazy, 4 max and personally I don't like running more than 2. Downriggers are pretty essential and electrics are very nice but you can get away with manuals if you don't mind the cranking. I don't run a dedicated battery for my riggers or electronics but I do have an isolator switch and a 2nd battery but have never needed it. For baits that late in season I would focus on FF (flasher/fly), Meat rigs and J-plugs. For line I would run wire (fleas usually aren't bad that late in the season so braid will prolly be ok too) for the dipseys and 30lb mono for riggers. You can also look into weighted steel or copper setups and run them on planer boards if you want a couple more lines out. That time of year you will most likely be fishing the marks so a probe system isn't really needed but it is very useful to have. Goodluck!

    Thank you for the info!  I would like to keep the 30# braid for the dipsys since that is what ill be running on Erie during the Summer. I am thinking ill run a rigger and 2 dipsys on each side of the boat. I think i will upgrade my aux battery to a 31 and call it good. Can always fire up the big motor to keep things running if the kicker cant keep up. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, salmonboy41 said:

    I would go with electric downriggers as i find that on the east end you end up fishing 100 plus feet down that time of year to get to the fish.  It also maybe beneficial to take a charter for your first time. It would help shorten the learning curve and may save you some money by showing you what to buy and what not to buy. Or if you are thinking of doing this just as a one time thing it would be a lot cheaper to charter then to buy downriggers and all the lures needed for salmon fishing. 

    Thank you! I am expecting this to be more than a 1 time deal. 

    Think I will go with the Cannon Magnum 10 STX's



  8. 2 hours ago, Fat Trout said:

    My opinion....6 mag dipsys would be suicide. Get 2 riggers, labor day fish are likely to be tight to the bottom. Run 2 dipsys and 2 riggers. Perhaps a copper but in truth the crowd you are fishing in will dictate what u can run for long long lines. Labor day crowds tend to be tight. For the riggers, manuals work fine but are just a pain to keep pulling up.

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    Thank you! 

  9. First timer heading up to Pulaski NY next Summer around Labor day. Can anyone give any tips? I troll Erie for Walleye with dipsys and boards often. I do not currently have downriggers but they can be added. Can I get away with running just 6 mag dipsys or will the downriggers be a must have? If riggers are required, electric or will manual do? If elecrtic, do you run them off a dedicated battery or do the not drain the battery to bad?   Baits.... Spoons, flys, stick baits, etc...?? For line I was going to run 30# power pro braid with 400ft before I hit backing (is that enough?). Looking for any advice that is willing to be given. 


    My current set up is a 2075 Tyee, 250 for the main and 15hp kicker. Troll master, Ulterra 112 w/ ipilot, cisco tube rod holders,  Lowrance hds's, 


    Thanks in advance. 


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