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  1. (Link to Instagram post- can’t get a video on here)

    I heard Burt hasn’t been too hot this year so I looked elsewhere this morning. I was walking the (unnamed) creek- it was pretty low so I was looking hard for holes. I must’ve snuck up on this one because he shot up on the shore right when I turned the corner. Is it still considered catch and release even if I didn’t catch him? Lol. 


  2. 59 minutes ago, Lucky13 said:

    One person's "saltiness" is another person's jocularity.  Lighten up a little!

    Lol but yes I meant lower Niagara. Always got out later in the follow (with no success) but I’m getting the itch to do some kinda salmon/trout fishing. Wasn’t sure if it got fish earlier than the rest of the region and was curious about it

  3. Went out to olcott Sunday AM— nobody was getting anything and only a couple folks said they heard of anything being caught so far. No porpoising fish or any signs of em. I had 1 hit but no idea what it was- quick thud, half second run and it was off. Lot of people have been getting pike so could've been one of those 

  4. 26 minutes ago, hornet99 said:

    What are the favorite Moonshine or Little Cleo glow patterns that everyone likes?  For moonshine the most  recommendations I've seen are for are Agent Orange, Happee Meal, Wonderbread, Bloody Nose, Flounder Pounder


    So many to choose from, what would be your top 3?

    I’m by no means an expert but I tend to stray away from any natural patterns. They are essentially done feeding this time of the year so you gotta get their attention. All of those recommendations seem great. I’m a fan of the bloody nose pattern, but the hot color seems to change year by year and day by day. 

  5. I’m gonna be heading out to either olcott or Wilson this weekend with a load of Cleo’s and moonshines. Haven’t seen anyone get em from the south shore yet, but looks like some have gotten on up by Toronto. Couple folks posted last week they were getting kings in 70 fow. I think it’s still a little early but it wouldn’t be crazy to hook into a couple eager ones. Good luck!

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