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  1. On 5/7/2019 at 10:52 PM, JTowne said:

    Then perhaps don’t call me at 10pm because I embarrassed you on here if you don’t want to bicker . You saw it earlier , wait till 10? Why? Been brewing all night or what? You are that dude that is every honost dealers nightmare . You are the reason we can’t Just look someone in the eyes and shake hands and know they are telling the truth . .. the reason we have to ask a million questions , research , test and finger bang everything before buying .. because word of mouth has been ruined .


    the boat price who knows I’m not saying it’s not a good deal or decent or bad , I don’t care. Its not someone I have any interest in , It’s worth whatever someone is willing to pay . Just advertise it correctly and disclose everything you know . It’s funny how many negative facts people “forget” ,, but they’ll never forget the good stuff like new parts . 


    If you look at your post history you’ll see your first post .. the day you created your account on here was you approaching me trying to sell me a motor . Which led to phone conversation . Which led nowhere . Big deal . No sweat, ...  then I saw your post on here ( post #2 after new account ) which contradicts everything you said to me .  Stay with me TEACH ... 


    this isnt craigslist ? This is the type of place you do a deal and can still look them in the eye a month later when you see them at the dock .


    so angry ? No? Upset i didn’t buy your motor that YOU approached ME about ?? No ... 


    just calling it what it is ,, feel that’s the least I could do for the folks on here . 

    was honest with you and told you everything about engine.  If i wasn't how did you know all about everything that was wrong with boat.  Go away your crazy

  2. 3 minutes ago, JTowne said:

    Not angry, but now I am certainly annoyed because I received a 10pm phone call from you asking why I blew you in on here and if I was still interested in the motor . Sorry when I’m sitting relaxing in bed with the wife I don’t want to bicker or measure manhood . For being some sort of teacher your lacking common sense . You saw the post when I posted it . But thanks for calling at 10pm. Call me during business hours when I’m not half asleep and I’ll explain my annoyance with flipping stories . 

    Sorry didn’t realize the time my bad on that but stay off post if no longer interested don’t want to bicker back and forth. It would make good package for someone and is priced to sell. 

  3. 6 hours ago, JTowne said:

    Being a mechanic and tower fan I was interested in the motor . Deal didn’t happen no big deal . That’s whatever . But to have a phone conversation with the dude and have him explain everything to me , and our last contact was me asking for photos of under the cowling .. then I see this posted on here .. now cmon .. which story is it .. I really enjoy the classifieds on here and have purchased 2

    boats and tons of gear off folks on here and made friends. To see someone just sign up to be shady on here is irritating . 

    Wow angry today. Was going to send you pics of the cowling but have not had a chance to get out to boat. You never said you were going to buy it for sure so why so angry. It leaks a little around where splash guard is on transom but boat is far from shot you also just bought another engine. I think $800 is good deal for all. 

    Was not trying to be shady at all. Told you I would rather get rid of as package. 

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