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    On 9/8/2021 at 12:49 PM, Low Baller said:

    I don't spend enough time to give scientific data, but I can say that the average length to weight of stagers in Mexico have decreased in the last 12 yrs. Based again on a handful of personal catches and comparisons to others . The one male king we boated last weekend was 39" - 26.9 lbs with a 24 1/2" girth. Fattest king I've ever caught in that size bracket. 

    Less fish more bait? I have no idea. He had all of his fins, natural spawn? Curious. 


    Still new to identifying these beasts.  The last king I caught, I seemed to think it looked to have more fins but didn't give it 

    much more thought, as it was the largest I had ever caught.  Niagara bar.  

  2. On 5/13/2021 at 3:22 PM, Sk8man said:

    I'm certain it was a whole more than guessing at passwords etc. They hacked into the software comp[any that provides security for our government and they stole the tools we use to hack and trace down other adversary countries. In short the game is over right now combining that with the fact that the scums at Honeywell gave the blueprints for our most advanced aircraft (fighters and bombers) to the Chinese. Thye have been trying to get into the electric grid too and if that happens we are at the mercy of our adversaries.

    The hackers got into the government system by sending out a trojan horse update to the government.  Thinking they were simply updating their infrastructure monitoring software, they wound up passing it along from one system to another.  This move gave the hackers "back doors" to systems all over the place.  Basically, it was a little more sophisticated than simply guessing that some slacker used "Admin" and "Password" on their desktop, not that that doesn't happen far too often, sadly.

  3. 1 hour ago, bigwalleye said:

    Hundreds and hundreds of boats down west twd the bar is what a dude in Olcott told me today. I plan to fish west of Olcott and keep away from the traffic. Fill up on coho and hope for a couple kings.

    Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United

    There was definitely a crowd out at the bar today.  Water was nearly glass.  I don't even want to imagine how crowded it will be tomorrow.  

  4. 2 hours ago, Dan P said:

    Well, we put in a lot of hours today and just one small coho. Marked tons of bait and fish 40-60 FOW. Tried about everything, meat, FF, all kinds of spoons on riggers, dipseys and copper. Apparently we needed to go out deeper (100-140 FOW) away from the bait, per a guy we talked to on our way in. The theory being you need to be away from the bait, if your to close the fish have better options than lures. Feels a bit counterintuitive as I’ve always looked for bait / fish. Anyway he had the fish to prove it.  Going to give it another go this week as I have some time off work. Any thoughts would be appreciated.  

    Yes, it really does sound counterintuitive.  I've spent a great many hours working those shallower zones with tons of bait and caught barely anything, while going out from 140 to 180 always works much better.  There's a bowl that goes from 40' down to 55' right on the US/Can boarder.  That is the only spot where I've caught lots of fish around lots of bait, but that was weeks ago.

  5. Thanks guys.

    YEah, I did find a text message between me and the seller so I had his number.  We wrote up another bill of sale.  My local DMV

    just recently reopened for in-person appointments, even if for only one day a week.  I have no doubt that they will 

    be very helpful.  Amazing really, back in Long Island, NY... going to the DMV was like something out of a horror show.

    So far, here in Niagara County they've been amazing helpful.  This board is also extremely helpful.  Thanks!

  6. Hi, 

       I bought a 19' Sea Nymph 3 years ago and never got around to re-titling it or registering it under my name as 

    the previous owner had just done so and said I might as well ride out the remainder of his registration.  Now that it's

    time to get it done I can't find the documentation from the sale.  Does anyone know what is involved in proving ownership 

    and registering/ re-titling a motor boat in NY?  I'm kicking myself for not having done this right away.


    Any advice would be great.




  7. Hey Bill, 


       How did your repair go?  I just finished mine yesterday and am excited to take my boat out today.

    I will be running it without the bilge pump, first to see if water still collects and second, if it does,

    I will get under the boat to identify any leaky rivets I might have missed. 

      It was ridiculously simple to put the rivets in, I thought.  What I did notice was, now that I know what I'm looking at,

    that the previous owner had replaced a bunch of the rivets with massive screws.  I suppose it made sense at the time

    but with the proper size rivet and the G-flex epoxy I used I am pretty confident in the repair.


    Have fun out there and thanks for your input!



  8. I have the Cannon 10's also.  I blew my top in a rant the other day because of how poorly 

    some of this stuff is made.  (I'll keep my cool for now).  I am using the low profile swivel mounts,

    which are insanely expensive for what they are, and after docking my boat saw that the rigger

    was out of position.  That makes the second time I've had the lock pin shear off.  

       That being said, I've taken the thing apart and replaced the pin before (super cheap, fix yourself) and 

    found that there is still going to be some slop in the swivel.  That slop is what allows the force to 

    shear the pin.  I now drive at speed with the booms fully retracted no matter how short a distance.

    Maybe you're supposed to do that anyway... oops.  

       As for the boom itself being sloppy, I haven't had that issue.  I would unscrew it and check to see 

    if there is anything preventing it from fully compressing the pipe.  Otherwise, chalk it up to manufacturing.

    Worst case, wrap it.  It only needs to fit once.

      I am waiting a week now for another pin, so sorry if I still sound a little bitter.  :itwasntme:

    With the slop, it seems to be common with these riggers.

  9. Hi everyone, 


       I have a 19' Sea Nymph with two areas under the hull with leaky rivets.  The problem is on either side of the keel plate but only involves about 4 rivets

    in each spot.  Last year I was able to drastically reduce the leaking by using large sheets of Flex Tape.  It was a quick fix that allowed me to continue

    fishing but I am preparing to tackle the problem properly.  I am looking to drill out the rivets and replace them with closed end pop rivets as I do not have 

    access to both sides.  My question is what length rivet should I use?  I was going with 3/16" diameter and can either go with 3/8" or 1/4" lengths.

    Any suggestions?


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