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  1. 5 minutes ago, whaler1 said:

    High octane pump gas containing ethanol will take care of your issue. 
    Ideally half a tank or so on top of what’s in your tank. Burn through it and return to non ethanol marine fuel. 

    Not a good practice, at all..... Ethanol will absorb the the water and actually fall out of the gasoline making the tank issue worse....... its called phase separation - you'll be left with sub-grade 83 octane unleaded which will cause engine "ping". Your best bet is find a shop with an air pump (for safety reasons), suck out everything in the tank and dispose of it, then start over with non ethanol 91 octane.

  2. 18 minutes ago, Steve.e said:

    Recent survey, or stringer work?

    I have not had the boat surveyed -

    The Info I have on this boat is the stringers were done in 2007 and checked out in a 2016 survey. No paperwork to back that claim up, but Marina verified.

  3. 1989 Baha Cruisers 280 Fisherman

    - Twin Pleasurecraft 302 engines (<650 hours)


    Equipment Included:

    - Cannon Mag 10 electric Down riggers [(3) with Torpedo weights and releases for each]

    - Lowrance Elite T9 - Nav

    - Humminbird Helix 10

    - Fish Hawk X4D

    - Great Lakes rod trees with Planer board reels (Port and Starboard sides - 3 rod)

    - 13 Craigs Rod holder Rochet Launchers

    - 10 Craigs Rod holders

    - Simrad AP-14 Auto pilot

    - Standard Horizion VHF Radio

    - Stereo w/ CD player

    - 6 Type 1 PFDs

    - Coast Guard safety equip

    - Port a Potty

    - Great shape

    - Well maintained


    Boat is located in Mexico, ready to fish.

    $18000 / neg








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  4. 3 hours ago, mr 580 said:

    You measure from where your ball attaches to the the axle center on each side- that dimension should be equal.  If you have a difference either your axle mount has shifted or the front axle is bent.  It is a practice referred as string lining a trailer.  You are determining if that front axle is square to the pull point of the trailer.  Between making sure your axles are square and weighing your trailer, you will find your problem.  If the problem is same tire/same axle-points to an axle problem.  Could axle mounts slid back on one side or that axle is bent.


    Exactly correct - axle out of alignment or bent axle. If it were a bad bearing, the hub would come apart before the tire did.

  5. Fished 5/30 10 -3pm on a NW heading right out the shute. Bait pods abundant in the bay from 50 to 90' but no fish on them. Dropped riggers in 70 fow down 20, 30 and 40 and trolled without moving a rod out to 210'.  Water temp throughout the water column was 47 - 49 degrees. At 205 fow had a dipsey on a 2 setting out 65 w/ glow frog flasher atomic fly combo fire, and brought a teen age king to the net only to net the fly but not the fish. Half hour later in 190 fow had my 30 rigger fire, NBK spoon - 60 back, brought a second teen age king to the net only to net the spoon...... I really suck with the net, but my wife can certainly get them to the boat....... Back at it next weekend...

  6. I appreciate the responses.


    Regulator  - I have searched as well and have come up with similar articles.


    I have to believe that light penetration has many variables and is highly fluctuating in lake Ontario, which leads me to ask - when exactly is, or even, is there a best time to pull glow spoons vs. UV?  

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