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  1. Redhead Floating 14mag Rapala's work great trolling over weeds. Blue or Gold Docture Spoons casting over weeds. You can put a Uncle Josh White Pork Strip on your spoon. Also a white Mepps Plain Giant Killer with Ball Bearing Steel Leader will do the trick too. All lures are availlable at the Thousand Island Bait Shop by the bridge. Best of luck. Dont forget Long Needlenose Pliers, Hook Cutters , & Jaw Spreaders. P.S. Large net for a live well on the side of the boat.
  2. Nice Fish Katia, thats awesome. You go girl !!!
  3. The Finger Lakes are getting a lot more boat traffic , due to the high water and all the launches close on Lake Ontario. Lots & Lots of debris floating around the Lake too. Scarey
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