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  1. Very interesting and informative reading, Thanks for posting.
  2. Did your other rod brake in the same place ? Maybe were its in the rod holder. Sucks either way. The 47" fish , I caught a few weeks ago, actually turned my boat to the left on the hit. I have my drags set loose and the rod wasn't pumping , it was bent strait back, like I snagged the bottom. I have never broken a rod on a hit yet, even fishing the Niagra and St. Lawrance river's with lots of current. That's pretty crazy , you broke two rods. Time for a change in equipment, Best of luck.
  3. One of the lakes where I fish Muskies is a little smaller and shallower than Otisco. The lake has oxygen depletion after about 15' and the fish there are not on bottom, I'm catching them running lures around 10 to 13 ft down. They are suspended on my graph near the bait fish schools. The Tigers have the advantage of surprise on bait , by attacking from the depth's. Everwhere you fish is a little different, Great info guys.
  4. I try to fish Otisco 2 or 3 times a year for Tigers. Its a 2 hour drive for me. I've always used the marina's launch and payed. I didnt think there were any other launches for the lake except maybe some private ones. Sounds like the public launch maybe a little risky. I might as well keep paying. Thanks for all the info.
  5. Thanks for the reply, thats sad, dam carona. Paying $9 to launch at the marina is kinda pricey
  6. Did they ever finish the boat launch ?
  7. I caught 4 nice Pike , in just a few hour's. Really hot that afternoon on Conesus Lake
  8. My wife caught this 37.5" Musky , along with 3 other ones last Thursday on a very old St Croix rod. Some of my rods are 30 yrs old and never let me down.
  9. Was your drag set to tight ? I use St. Croix rods. American made and worth every penny. Just my opion
  10. There is some natural cross breeding of Pike & Musky in large river systems , like the Niagara River & the St. Lawrance. I'm guessing that awesome fish could be a natural hybrid. Either way a Gem of a fish, that I would be proud of. Replica Mount would be cool. The fact that a lady caught that fish is cool too, because my wife & twin daughters loves to fish also.
  11. I caught a Loon in Brown Bay across from Kinston Ontario, casting a Mepps Giant Killer. After quite a battle and some boatside crazyness, I managed to unhook him and released back to the wild. I had my hands full with that bird. I cant imagine dealing with a Eagle. Cool story !!
  12. Redhead Floating 14mag Rapala's work great trolling over weeds. Blue or Gold Docture Spoons casting over weeds. You can put a Uncle Josh White Pork Strip on your spoon. Also a white Mepps Plain Giant Killer with Ball Bearing Steel Leader will do the trick too. All lures are availlable at the Thousand Island Bait Shop by the bridge. Best of luck. Dont forget Long Needlenose Pliers, Hook Cutters , & Jaw Spreaders. P.S. Large net for a live well on the side of the boat.
  13. Nice Fish Katia, thats awesome. You go girl !!!
  14. The Finger Lakes are getting a lot more boat traffic , due to the high water and all the launches close on Lake Ontario. Lots & Lots of debris floating around the Lake too. Scarey
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