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  1. I did, right near the Feather Bed Schoul., I hooked into a really nice 30" 10lb walleye on a walleye colored swimm whizz. When it came up the eyes were glowing like a deer in the headlights. LOL
  2. Otisco Lake would be a good choice. Lots of Tiger Muskies. They will keep you entertianed !!
  3. Kevin , that is awesome. I"ve caught quite a few Muskies by bottom bouncing walleye colored 8" Swimm Whizz's in that area. At night always add's to the expieriance ! I'm glad you had a big net !! Krimpix Hook Cutters are pretty handy to have too. Great fish
  4. Very cool, you taking the young man fishing. He's the life of our sport of fishing. My twin daughters got there first Tiger Muskies out of Conesus Lake , many moons ago.
  5. Been out twice. Got a 41" & a 33" . Havent been skunked anyway. Working 6 days a week 10hrs a day, not a lot of time .
  6. Worst I've seen in Waneta Lake. There nasty
  7. Wigwams and LL Bean Merino wool socks.. Merino wool long underwear too. Well worth the $$$$
  8. Hey Joe, It's very important to have the proper tools to handle a Musky safely without hurting you or the fish. A large net to use as a livewell on the side of your boat. Long handle pliers and good heavy hook cutters and a good glove for your non dominant hand. Just like trout and salmon , follow the bait movement though out the year and the big predators will be there. Best of luck PS Watch youtube videos for good tips
  9. Awesome, I sure can relate, I've been fishing for Muskies with my wife (Dee) for many many years now. We are very lucky to have such great people in our lives to share our passions. Best of luck to you guys this season. I'm sure we will be passing each other on Waneta this year too. Stay safe and tight lines. Due to my work, I'm usually fish on Tuesday's or Wednesday's
  10. Don't forget , you have to stay on the American side for now, they are not being friendly if you cross the line. They did give me my money back for my Ontario Fishing License.
  11. From the boat launch in Cape Vincent, go towards the head of Carlton Island . To the right of the first green bouy is a hump, you should bottom bounce some swim whizz or believers over that hump. Picked up quite a few Muskies there. Then troll that edge in front of the Feather Bed Shoals to Carlton Island. You can cast or troll tight around the head of Carlton . The backside of Carlton Island is also good for Walleye and Muskie by the Ironman. I had my best luck with 8" Walleye Swim Whizz lures and casting Plain White Mepps Giant Killer Spinners. Hope this help's Best of Luck. Depth Raiders would work well too. The ouside edge of the breakwall in front of town can produce a Muskie as well. Tibetts Pt. will hold a big fish too
  12. Very interesting and informative reading, Thanks for posting.
  13. Did your other rod brake in the same place ? Maybe were its in the rod holder. Sucks either way. The 47" fish , I caught a few weeks ago, actually turned my boat to the left on the hit. I have my drags set loose and the rod wasn't pumping , it was bent strait back, like I snagged the bottom. I have never broken a rod on a hit yet, even fishing the Niagra and St. Lawrance river's with lots of current. That's pretty crazy , you broke two rods. Time for a change in equipment, Best of luck.
  14. One of the lakes where I fish Muskies is a little smaller and shallower than Otisco. The lake has oxygen depletion after about 15' and the fish there are not on bottom, I'm catching them running lures around 10 to 13 ft down. They are suspended on my graph near the bait fish schools. The Tigers have the advantage of surprise on bait , by attacking from the depth's. Everwhere you fish is a little different, Great info guys.
  15. I try to fish Otisco 2 or 3 times a year for Tigers. Its a 2 hour drive for me. I've always used the marina's launch and payed. I didnt think there were any other launches for the lake except maybe some private ones. Sounds like the public launch maybe a little risky. I might as well keep paying. Thanks for all the info.
  16. Thanks for the reply, thats sad, dam carona. Paying $9 to launch at the marina is kinda pricey
  17. Did they ever finish the boat launch ?
  18. I caught 4 nice Pike , in just a few hour's. Really hot that afternoon on Conesus Lake
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