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  1. My conversion to wire low divers wasn’t about water fleas, however, if that is one of the benefits, great.

    My conversion from braid to wire on the low divers was a potential electrical/acoustic signature difference, the sensitivity when you have a fish on, and the alleged deeper theory. All three of these reasons are hypothetical supported by anecdotal reports...but got hooked on the idea.

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  2. Very nice. Mine came in white, so I spray painted them black. After a couple seasons that look like killer whales. White on the bottom and black on top. I kind of like them that way.

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  3. I have been yearning for some of those Salmon Candy flashers and flies over here on Lake Michigan. My buddy just bought a load from them...like 8 flashers and flies. They look and feel great.

    Being the middle of the Winter, he has not tried them out yet and I am afraid that if I wait for Spring, they will be sold out. Guess I will have to bite the bullet.

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  4. Thx. I haven’t noticed any difference in planing out wide from the edge of the weight (4) to a 6. So I just keep mine on 4.

    I use braid dipsies low and braid slide divers high. Seems to work OK. I will still get tangled on sharp turns.

    I am switching to wire low dipsies now. Hopefully that will give me a little more separation.

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  5. Mr 580, that little piece of tubing on the lite bite trigger is ingenious! Thank you. I will copy your technique and claim it as my own.

    I noticed you have your weight set like mine-right to the edge of the weight. Do you find setting it to “6” doesnt really do anything? Is there a reason why you don’t go out to “6”?

    I run mine to the edge of the weight too. (A “4” setting).

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  6. Twillie tips are great, but don't you guys saw through your other eyelets below the tip as well, if you are using the regular rods, especially the one closest to the reel, where side to side action will put wire pressure on sides of eyelets?

    Good question right here.

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  7. Good question. I talked to the Slide diver owner and his only depth chart for the performance ring on the magnum weight is a 2 to 1 ratio on the “2” setting. I found that to be accurate on 50lb braid at 2.5mph.

    So, while confirming the 2 to 1 ratio, I set a slide diver to the “4” setting. I had to let out 100’ to get to 40’ (hit bottom) at 2.5mph.

    So that “4” setting is a 2.5 to 1 ratio.

    I routinely run the inside low slide divers on a “2” setting at 80’ down, so I let out 160’ of line.

    I routinely run my outside high slide divers on a “4” setting at 70’ down, so I let out 170’ of line.

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