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  1. Looks like I wont have a big boat on Lake Ontario again for a few years. Life happens so I'm looking to sell some of my gear. Most of these spoons are brand new some have been lightly used last season. Spoon boxes not included since I'm shipping them from Maine. 146 Total spoons. Looking to sell as an entire package 700 Shipped obro. 


    29 Michigan Stinger Stingrays

    79 Michigan Stingers

    11 Michigan Stinger Mags

    16 Moonshine Mags

    2 Moonshine Medium

    5 Dreamweavers

    1 Warrior Mag

    1 Warrior Medium

    1 ProKing Mag

    1 NK 





    Spoon lots.jpg

    spoon lot 5.jpg

    spoon lot 2.jpg

    spoon lot 3.jpg

    spoon lot 4.jpg

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