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  1. BTW, I'm on the road throughout NY and PA a lot and could meet someone to help deliver and save shipping costs.

    I'm in Cheektowaga near the Buffalo Airport.

    I routinely travel to CNY and up to Watertown and Potsdam, NY.

    I even get out further east to Albany occasionally.

    So I'm sure that if someone lives out that way we could work something out.



  2. 390 lbs.

    Higher than the others when I bought these.

    One of the reasons I bought this particular pedestal.

    I weighed about 350 when I bought it.

    I did a lot of research and my buddy has Smooth Moves - They were way too springy - like a pogo stick you are bouncing all the time.

    (I was also always afraid I'd blow them out because they are only good too 300 lbs)

    These work to absorb the shock and then control the rebound; like shock absorbers on a car.

    They are adjustable 2 ways.

    For the weight and for the rebound.

    It comes with a small hand pump that works easy.

    Only takes a few pumps to make the needed adjustments.

    Once you fill the two bladders to where you like it you simply leave it alone.

    It took me a couple adjustments to find out the air pressures that I liked.

    Go to the website and look them over and be sure to watch the videos.

    There's a bunch of other videos on these units on YouTube too if you go there and do a search.

    This was $900 when I bought it.

    Expensive, but it works well.

    They way I looked at it, "What's my back worth?".

    I'm out on Lake Ontario and Erie a lot and it gets rough.

    My Lund used to pound and I got tired of my butt and my spine taking the beating.


    Here's the link to their website -



  3. 10 minutes ago, chowder said:

    I really don't think you are going to have an issue with a manual planer reel clutch , especially with shockers. Like I said I have run the Aurora's (which are bigger than Frank's boards) on some old Canon manual reels with no significant problems at all- but suit yourself.



    You are probably right.

    I have Cannon single masts with reels.

    I was warned by Frank that the clutch on them may not hold his boards.

    The only reels he recommends are the ones from Cisco.

    Of course they both hawk each other's gear, so...………...


    I have time before the boat comes out of storage and I buy the tower.

    So figured some questions asked would be time well spent.

    As I mentioned, I sent an email to Great Lakes Planers yesterday.

    I'm sure he will answer me tomorrow or Tuesday.

    I am up in Watertown frequently on business.

    They are not far from there.

    I might even stop by to discuss this all with them in person and also to get a close up look at things.


    Thanks for your answers and help.

  4. 13 minutes ago, Reel Doc said:

    Great Lakes Planers are great to work with.  I needed help putting together a mount for an older mast where the company was out of business and they worked with me through pictures, measurememts, and sent a trial piece to make sure it would work.  They will treat you right!!



    I have an email into them asking what they think.


  5. 16 minutes ago, chowder said:

    Cisco makes the heaviest duty planer reels I've seen but to be honest with you I haven't had any real problems with my Amish or Aurora boards on any of my planer reels. I've run these boards on Cisco, Canon, and Big jon manuals and electrics, biggest thing as I mentioned elsewhere is that you need to turn into the board you are retrieving when using the electrics or the breakers are going to trip on you. Also - I do run shockers on the boards when it's rough.



    I know the Cisco's will do the job.

    But putting them on a Great Lakes Planers rig will up the cost considerably.


    I have shock cords and will certainly stop the boat when cranking them in at the end of the day.

    But I'm concerned the clutch in the Great Lakes Planers reels not being up to the task while trolling.

    Last thing I need is for the clutch to start slipping because the boards pull so darn hard.

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