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  1. Good day all! 

    1st off i owe everyone an apology, I didnt continue the series and never left an indication of why.  For those of you that do video series or have a youtube channel...i applaud you! its an insane amount of work! 


    I did get the boat finished and had a really good time on Erie for 2021.


    I will post photos of the final, if you have any questions feel free to ask! 


    Thank you


  2. 24V Terrova trolling motor. Purchased Noco mini 2. Charges 12V with 2 banks. 

    my question is can I leave my batteries hooked up 24V and hookup my charger +/- to each battery separate and use it like that? Kinda confusing to explain sorry. Such as photo. 


  3. Okay so I have an interesting predicament. I have my live well and wash down pickup at the back of the boat as normal. But while I’m putting around any faster than an idle. Especially on plane. It won’t pickup water. For obvious reasons. Is there something I can do/build so it can pickup water while I’m driving? Thinking a cup of some sort so water will be scooped as I drive. Regardless of speed

  4. I also bought one. installing it soon. I


    think its this one



    But i was sure to buy one with a pressure switch. That way when i'm on the water all i do is turn it on. When i squeeze the handle i get water. Close it, the pump shuts off (just like at home) a lot of them do not have that feature and stay on wether your using it or not, which i cant see being good for the pump. And it'd be a pain to turn it on and off every time you want to use it. 


    Now a question. What hose does everyone use? i wanted to use a mini auto retrieve reel but havent found one yet. Dont want hose laying all around as i'm limited in space. 

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  5. Just like the title suggests. I normally use Windshield fast cure urethane for all my marine projects (any projects for that matter) Has anyone had it fail? fraction of the cost of 5200 and i feel it does a better job. Thoughts?

  6. Hey! i'm overhauling my seanymph gls195. not as big as yours but a big project non the less. Check out my thread. i'm doing a vlog on the rebuild you can check out too. Cost not so expensive. I'm in Canada and i figure if i splurge i'll be around the $1500-$2000 mark. That includes painting the outside with new decals. Biggest thing is time. I dont have mine gutted  yet and i have about 20 hours in it. I recon i'll be around the 200 hr mark by the tiem i'm done. If you have any questions feel free to message me! More than happy to help

  7. 12 hours ago, outback kennels 2 said:

    thanks i found a cple rivits broke off

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    Where were they? how did you fix them? Photos?

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