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  1. Water salt and borax all you need. Bit of liquid bluing if you want to shine up the scales on the strips a bit more. Meat will take fish all year after all every lure we fish were trying to imitate a alewife or smelt. That being said it tends to shine more once the water sets up in summer 

  2. Yes as sk8man says it’s more for smaller fish when they hit. I’ve also spoke with a few charter captains and they say it gets them better hook up ratios as well but who knows in that one. I fish northern Lake Huron 3/4 of the time so dragging pinks around without knowing is a real issue. Thanks again legacy for the tips!! Theirs a pretty good read on this topic if you go to Michigan angler.com. John King does some pretty good experiments and explains bands further!! 

  3. Hey guys. Just wondering how guys figure out the proper tension for their wire dipsys. Seems I’ll get false trips in rough water or it’s set too tight and is hard as heck to release. Any info would be appreciated. I’m running Dreamweaver deeper divers in the 107 and 124 sizes. I run blacks releases for riggers and set them around 5lbs as the bands I use break roughly at 4.5lbs.  

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