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  1. Yes, if they are using the 3” track.

    I want to say Big Jon calls it New Track.

    I believe Cannon, Traxstech, Big Jon, Bert’s, Tite-Lok & Cisco are now all interchangeable track systems.

    Cisco Fishing Systems products are made in Ohio & you can get any length track you want they do custom if needed. 

  2. I have mostly Big Jon Sports gear on my boat but when I bought my main tracks I went with Cisco Fishing systems for my 3’ tracks.

    I would have gone with Big Jon Sports but couldn’t locate any in stock.

    As far as I can tell all the companies have standardized the 3” boat track systems, it’s great to see companies standardizing them.
    Cisco Fishing Systems has very high quality tracks, rounded edges, fantastic finish & all needed hardware included.

    I also have a Traxstech track, it is very solid however the texture of the surface is a blasted finish which makes sliding the components much more difficult, although it is very easy to lock items down in place.



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  3. I just ordered some spoons from R&R Tackle, I could literally talk to Dave all evening what a great guy. Dave paints & plates the lures himself, every lure handled by him truly an art. All of this and still a fantastic price!

    Support a small business.


    IDK Fishing


  4. I am looking to add a few more reels to my gear.

    I fish Lake Ontario spring, summer & fall for trout & salmon.

    I am currently running my father’s old Penn 210M from 80’s and Okuma Convector CV20D’s & CV30D’s from early 2000’s all reels have carbontex drag washers, I have a few of each. The reels I’m running have all functioned well with no real issues.

    I would like to pick up a couple new reels but I’m not sure what to buy. I originally planned on buying a couple more Convectors but have heard the quality of the new ones is not as good as the old ones.

    Can anyone recommend a current production reel that should run flawlessly for many years to come?

    I prefer line counter reels even though I know they aren’t always accurate.

    I will try to keep my budget reasonable for peace at home while not fishing.


    Thank you,

    IDK Fishiing

  5. have for sale a pair of Used - Big Jon Mounting Plates 4”X4”

    They are in good condition, threads are good 1/4-20, one small ding on a corner as seen in picture.
    They are left over from setting my boat up.

    I am asking $20 for the pair.

    Currently these are on sale though Big Jon Sports for $29.99 each.


    Oswego, NY 13126



  6. I have 2 new unused sets of Big Jon Multi-Set Rod Holders, each set has double rod holders w/butterfly plates.

    They are new in box only opened to photograph.

    I was going to use them & decided to go another route on my boat.

    I believe they were originally $150 each I am asking $110 each.


    A perfect addition to your electric downrigger!

    Oswego, NY 13126




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