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  1. I have 
    2- 27LC accudepth plus 2 color lead cores
    1- Magda 30DXT 3 color
    1- Magda 30DXT 4 color
    1- Magda 30DXT 5 color
    1- Accudepth 47LC 10 color
    1- Magda 45DXT 10 color
    all are brand new except the 47 which was used for a half a season. All have at least 300 yards of 20lb backing, 18lb lead core and 8 or 10lb flouro leaders all tied with Albright knots.
    looking to get $250obo for the whole lot. Located in Utica but can ship at buyers expense

    are these still available.

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    Over the rail and in the pail makes Stella a happy girl. 630 to 1130 fished from Dean's south half way to sheldrake cross over to just north of long pt and went north till it was time to pick up . Lost a few landed a few . I am getting concern with the lampreys seems I'm getting one attached to a fish on every trip..... 20210531_083329.thumb.jpeg.0907359de3c6a022ab4cadfc3af80ec2.jpeg20210531_112450.thumb.jpeg.2370b35354b07f7b9f3a732b767f5cf8.jpeg20210531_123339.thumb.jpeg.e107d89bf11edf04aa8239f29fa8a3ab.jpeg
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    We had two lampreys over there last week.

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  3. Went 17/23. 1 laker, 3 browns biggest in picture was probably 9-10, safely released, others were 4&5lb. rest were salmon, which were a nice class of fish 4-5lb average, only a couple that didn’t hit the 18” mark. Skinny water, lines on inside board took 80% of hits.
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    That’s a day. Glad your dad was out there to pull them all in.

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