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  1. On 6/17/2020 at 2:00 PM, Frogger said:

    Being he's your neighbor im assuming you are on good terms so he wouldn't leave you hanging with a mess.  If not, id be cautious as a new buyer, like buying from someone you dont know.  You can look up book price to see current value.  17K CAD is rather high, Low / High is 5-10K CAD.  That only goes so far if its in really good shape and no leaky rivets etc but gives you an idea so your not out of line.  Personally my concern is the motor. 2 Strokes are meant to be ran all the time and not sitting around 3-4 years.  Ive heard others say its not a problem.   Hopefully it was winterized with a good fogger treatment.  Still though, bearings rust/ seize and then your into some rebuild.  You can get a good compression but still have problems internally.  You would still want to check compression after you had a ride in it.  If it doesnt start or he cant get it to start id be really cautious.  3-5K for rebuilds these days depending on who and where they do it.  If you can get it for cheap, all the while planning for a potential rebuild and its a solid boat thats in good shape might be a good buy.  if your looking for something that is turn key and you dont have time or money to fumble with, you might want to pass.  Good luck, let us know.  Heck you might find someone on here that would do something with it and you can get a % finders fee for moving it for him.  



    Thanks for all the information. I will keep you posted if I end up buying it!

  2. I have a neighbour that is selling his 2000 StarCraft Superfisherman 196 with a 2 stroke 115hp Mercury.  Only the boat and motor are selling.  It hasn't been used much over its life and has not run in the last 3 to 4 years.  He is asking for 17500 Canadian for it.  I don't have any idea if that is a good deal or not and I'm looking for advice on the subject.  it is too high? Low?  Any questions I should ask?


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