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  1. Lake restrictions of 9.9 hp. They don’t seem to care how many you hang on the transom. I upgraded them to 20 hp each. I am keeping my eyes open for a 90 or 115. The boat could be ordered with a 90 or 115 and the hull is rated to 200

  2. This was a dealer rigged boat with the twin 8s. The only engines ever on the boat. I just don't know why they would have added 320 pounds to the stern. The logs in memory on the hummingbird says on multible routes 15 MPH and up the 18. Strange. I will try distributing the weight and trying again. I do know i'm underpowered. just trying to squeeze a little more speed out of her

  3. 1 hour ago, Misdirection said:

    First off, hull speed on your boat is about 6.7 mph, so anything beyond that the boat is planning. But you lack the hp to push it faster. I seriously doubt that twin 8 hp motors pushed it any faster than what your already seeing. And I don't think adding hydrofoils is going to do much else.

    The one thing that may help is making sure your cavitation plate is even with the bottom of your bloat. If its below, see if you can raise them up a hole or two.

    But overall, your simply under powered.

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    I have the cav plates 1/4 inch above the bottom. i can't figure out why the dealer placed 320 pound of extra weight in the engine well. I my put it back and see what happens. 

  4. when I walk up to the bow when running the speed jumps up to 11.4.  i know I'm close to plane. I wonder how it went 18 with twin 8 hp motors

    If I can just get it near 18/20 I will be satisfied. I am thinking about two hydro foils

  5. Here's what I got. My Boat is a 2010 G3 Angler 185F. 1700 pound hull. When I purchased the boat a couple of months ago it had a pair of 2010 Yamaha 8 HP engines mounted on it. I removed the 8 HP Yammis and replace them with a pair of 2021 Suzuki 9.9s  upgraded to 20 HP each. I would have thought I would easily get up on plane with twin 20S. I have gone thru a few prop combinations. first i tried the supplied 9 1/4 x 5.5 Pusher props. RPMs hit the limiter quickly at 6.5 MPH. Next a pair of 9 1/4 x 11. 4200 RPMs at 9.5 MPH. Next I went down to 9 1/4 x 8. 5850 RPM at about 10 MPH. I then went to 9 1/4 x 7 4 Blade prop. RPMs hit limit at 7.1 MPH. The memory in the sonar unit says this boat went up to 18 MPH with the twin 8s. The strange thing about the boat is it had approx 320 pounds of weights in the transom well. I have not put them back in yet, but I can't understand what they would do to get the boat on plane. any thoughts?


  6. I recently purchased 2 of their 901 kits to extend the shafts on my twin Suzuki 9.9s. At first things seemed to go well. I received the kits and went about installing them. After opening the 2ng kit I noticed the bolts supplied were the wrong bolts. Too long. I called them and was told no problem, that they would send the proper ones. a couple days later I received the same wrong bolts. I called back and was told they were sorry and would ship the correct bolts. Later that day i received a message that they did not send anything out because they did not know the proper size to send. I have now had these kits for two weeks and cannot use my boat. I called again this morning and spoke with Mike Graziani (manager) and was berated by him and told the bolts shipped were correct and I should use them. Anyway, They agreed to once again sent me more bolts. I am not convinced they know what they are doing and will send the correct bolts. My advice concerning Bay Manufacturing...Stay away and buy something else. 

  7. Well I finished the twin 9.9 project. I'm mostly happy with the results. My final numbers are: With 2 people on board, a full bag of fuel, the trolling motor, and A pair of Canon elec downriggers, I am able to run at 24.4 MPH. with just myself in the boat I briefly hit 28 but mostly its at 27.6. Now I can try out other lakes and not be crawling along at 10 MPH. 

  8. On 1/20/2022 at 11:15 AM, Flygaff said:

    Ive been out there on 3 days when  summer storms popped up without much waring. All three times at least 1 boat sunk. I have also towed boat in as storms approached. Safety is key. A little extra speed helps as well

    I finished the project and raised and tweaked the engines a bit. With 4 batteries and two people in the boat I was able to hit 27.8 mph. More than I expected. Now I have to mount my motor guide 24vlt motor and run the wires

  9. On 1/17/2022 at 11:12 AM, cr3 said:

    I understand your concern for safety with the twins.  I was down the far east end of the valley a couple of years ago during a weekday with no one around coming into a stiff west wind with whitecaps and 3 miles to go to get to the launch ramp when the engine quit.  Good to have that spare.

    Ive been out there on 3 days when  summer storms popped up without much waring. All three times at least 1 boat sunk. I have also towed boat in as storms approached. Safety is key. A little extra speed helps as well

  10. On 1/3/2022 at 9:58 AM, Trout Whisperer said:

    I am thinking a 4 stroke 9.9 Hp.  I have some lakes over here in Western MA that it would allow me access to as well.  Also welcome any feedback on newer 4 stroke kicker motors purchased out there.  Thx

    I purchased twin Suzuki 9.9 s for my boat last year. I can't say enough good things about the Suzuki. Elec start, fuel injected, power trim, and all for $2400.00. Another benifit of the Suzuki 9.9 is if you don't have enough power there are a couple of fixes. You can take out the breather restrictor plate and you now have a 15 HP engine, or swap the restrictor plate and the ECU and you have a true 20 HP engine. I just love my new Suzukis

  11. On 1/5/2022 at 4:38 PM, finsntins said:

    there ya go,it will definetly give you little more speed cause of the less drag,good luck with your project!!!!

    I just received a pair of TH Marine Mini Jack plates. It will give 4 inches of lift and a 4 inch setback for each engine. Now my question is, How close together should i mount the engines? I currently have them at 24 inch centers. I'm thinking of bringing that down to 17 inches. Any thoughts?



  12. 22 hours ago, finsntins said:

    20" might be good if it was a single engine setup,dead center on the transom,but you may need the short shafts with the twin motor setup.im just guessing here,you will have to see where the plates are in relation to the bottom of the transom.

    Yea, I need to get the engines up a bit. About 3 inches. I just bit the bullet and ordered two TH Marine Mini Jack Plates. You can go up as high as 5 inches and it sets the motors back 4 inches. I'm pretty sure this will cure all my ills and give me a little extra speed. $150 for each bracket. now I just have to pull two engines and drill a bunch of new holes in my transom. 

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