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  1. Started at 5 am launched at union springs head straight across the lake headed south 30 fow dropped one dipsy 5 colors lead core one down rigger and one long line with a 4 once weight landed 6 lakers by 7 fished over stayed there till alost 9 then went to auroa got right in close to the shore again about 30 fow and on fire again pulled a nice rainbow and some nices lakers but sadly lost one of the biggest id seen right at the boat netting mishap.   Had a amazing morning on the water the bite was on fire and the fish are feeding hard on the surface





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  2. Spent alot of time getting around and learning the lake but i would like to start catching landlocks.

    Im not looking for everyones spot or best lure im just looking for some info and what they like in the lake and just some general colors they like

    Thanks in advance 

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