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  1. 3 will get u a little more but that’s as far as they go u may have another half a setting but never heard of anyone say they ran 3 1/2 dipsy setting but I guess u could u gotta remember further you let it out the farther away it gets

  2. 1 minute ago, seeyawader said:

    What a blow last night, 40 + mile an hour winds, every year I like to take a charter trip  to fine tune my game and today was the day, Well needless to say with 10 foot waves it was canceled. I was afraid to be near a tree last night never mind the water, hopefully calms and no thunderstorms to follow for this week.

    That always sucks worst part about fishing the big pond

  3. 2 minutes ago, Gregger300 said:

    Have they done any work to the launch at Pine Grove?

    I stay at Selkirk Shores every year in September and I hate launching there because of the shallow water and muck bottom. Always sucking crap into my cooling channels. Also it's tough getting back on the trlr straight because it's so uneven.  Last year I would drive down to Mexico to launch there. I have an 18' tracker.

    No not that I know of it’s a little tricky but it’s closer to the dunes I have 22 foot boat I just trim motor up until I’m in the big river

  4. 1 minute ago, Low Baller said:

    And it's folks like yourself that have taught me most of what I know. That's what I like about this sight. And I'm finally starting to put faces to names which is very cool. I'm just a fat guy in a little boat. Been playing the late season game for about 15 yrs now. If I can put a couple in the freezer each year, I'm a happy boy. Thanks

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    I hear ya lol

  5. 5 minutes ago, Low Baller said:

    Someone wrote an interesting thread about tipping flys with strips. Always thought about that. Kind of like a flounder rig. Makes the bait bigger, and adds a little action. Thinking out loud.


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    I do too and it does work but I don’t run a big heron strip off the hooks I run thin strips like the size of a trout worm on the treble so the skirt hides it just for sent and the normal ff look is not effected 

  6. 8 minutes ago, Hachimo said:

    This time of year It probly wouldn’t hurt to throw a J plug at them.  I didn't think of it last weekend, but my screen was loaded and it was a slow pick.  The J-plug might just aggravate them enough to get them to hit out  of aggression . 

    Well said and honestly all the things and tips and tricks everyone is throwing at you  low baller are ways to try and put tight lipped fish in the box but unless u have a lot of money it’s all the things you acquire overs years of fishing I was fortunate enough to buy the same boat and tackle that I fished on for about 15 years from my friend who got to elderly to fish and also taught me about 98 percent of everything I know about fishing out there but I’ve been hooked for life on it

  7. 3 minutes ago, Low Baller said:

    I usually launch at pine, get to 60+ and set gear head north. Depends on wind. I'm small so I prefer a tail wind for return. Don't mind the push on the out . Low and slow. Never tried meat rigs, though I experiment with alewife oil on flys. Hard to tell, when they're active they'll take just about anything.


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    When they aren’t active u kinda gotta go outside the box and once u start playing around with cut bait I think u will be putting it in the water quite often

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