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  1. 4 minutes ago, Low Baller said:

    That's what I like to see. Do a little scout before we get up there. Ty, aka the Red Headed Yetti, is so pumped. He even bought a pair of inflatable pfds and glow sticks for me. I might have to launch out of Sandy if the fish are still around the 150. That's a hump from pine grove. Hoping there's bait in the 100. No problem with under 2' but like to stay in my comfort zone. Thanks for the info folks, fingers crossed.

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    That’s where I’ve been launching from I can’t handle Mexico on weekends anymore I’d start in 150 in front of big river work your way north

  2. 12 minutes ago, Hachimo said:

    I have the day off tomarrow cause were getting 3in of rain. Gonna make the run up to the boat tonight. Pending weather tomarrow morning I might go out for a couple hrs.
    I have to bring my trailer home empty to do some work on it so its ready to haul the big girl home in September.  Gettin to fish tomarrow would just be a bonus. 

    If u go out I would run some meat deep 😉 at least a couple 

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