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  1. 6 hours ago, Garyf said:

    One last question and I think that's it!


    My father has a rod holder that looks like this. It hooks up the rail of the boat. The rails on the boat are welded aluminum, but I have doubts about whether these holders are really the right thing for dipseys. Couldn't the boat just vibrate your screws loose and throw your whole setup into the drink?


    So I have to ask - do you think these holders would work?




    I would get beet custom tackle holders that are adjustable and mount to you gunnel if u can 

  2. On 7/7/2020 at 9:15 AM, Pa223 said:

    Logger Gen- do you go with longer leaders and then hand line at the end to the net? I go 8-10’ just due to that reason. Very interesting

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    Yes with longer leads you have to hand line them in the rest of the way but u will take a lot more strikes with the longer leads just kinda a pain in the ass but definitely works

  3. Ya your there but I would definitely make sure u get a 10’ rod and if you aren’t familiar with putting your tips on they can do it for u at the tackle shop not much to it but ...may just be easier for u and I say 10’ rod Because being in a small boat it will keep them out away from your other gear unless u are just going to run down the chute with one

  4. Yes fat Nancy or another tackle shop around the lake whatever one u prefer they will have it all mason trolling wire is good size one or mag dipsy if u are fishing for salmon work best your wire will hook right too the dipsy with swivel then a snubber comes off other side of the dipsy then your leader flo carbon pretty hefty whatever u prefer again but needs to be able to take a snap and a half then whatever you are running for a bait ff sd spoon ext... I have 10’ ugly sticks had them for years with twilli tips u will also figure out longer leader u run to your bait more strikes u will take note though harder to net because u can only reel line until dipsy touches rod tip

  5. 5 minutes ago, Pa223 said:

    Dipseys are the way to go for your next lines imo. Agree with all above. No brained. My only advice is spend the extra money and get a decent rod (rod with twili tip is fine. Do not need roller) if using wire and a good reel. These rigs will take a pounding on hits and will get a lot of hits. Quality drags are a must. I also prefer wire for my dipseys but that’s just me Good luck. You will not regret it

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    I agree 100% u cheap out on the rod and u might as well throw it in the lake I’m also not a fan of roller guides well good luck and u will greatly appreciate!!! your dipsy set up once u start using them

  6. I agree the cold water series reels are definitely most bang for your buck they are good quality all around reel.... but im huge fan of shimano Takota 800 for divers but there pricey but probably the best drag and retriever ratio when fighting a fish there is I picked one up a year or so when I could afford it lol and definitely best thing I ever did but if u are only fishing for kings couple times a year probably not worth it good luck with new boat and don’t catch em all !

  7. 4 minutes ago, ryanrobb52 said:



    If salmon and trout are your target then I highly recommend a couple wire line Dipsy divers. I know there are plenty of walleye fisherman who use them too but in my opinion they are a must have.

    Everyone has preferences on brands but I like my Okuma Cold Water reels. Seems to hold up well for us.

    Congratulations on the new boat and good luck on the water!!

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  8. Dipseys are probably the best choice in my opinion you could ever make run them with steel line if u are big into king fishing whatever you caught before should double running dipseys with your riggers. In my boat fishing Kings 7 out 10 hits let’s say come on dipseys....definitely when it gets closer to staging time End of July first part of august on and until u get good with them you may have few frustrating days but all in all great idea

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