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  1. 9 hours ago, ifishy said:

    Again opportunistic middle of the channel is still near the edges if pike are hungry they will eat anything so goby colors work just fine as those are also crayfish colors and smallmouth colors and rockbass colors. If pike are real active Brite colors will draw fish in from father away. I never said they don't eat goby's only that I would guess it would be a smaller part if thier diet than it is for smallmouth. Fish behavior often follows tendancys that you can use but the rules are not hard and fast the fish will try to go where there is food and try to avoid danger

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    True in my experience things like this can make the difference between having a 10 or 20 fish day when they arent as active

  2. 13 minutes ago, ifishy said:

    i have no real data to back this up but i would think that since gobys prefer hard bottom and pike tend to be more weed oriented that gobys would make up less of the pike diet.


    that said pike are very opportunistic and will take whats available.

    Thank you so goby colors wont be as effective as perch and bluegill colors unless they are holding in rocks or areas near hard bottom 

  3. Just now, GAMBLER said:

    The entire pond.  You just worked around the pond looking for them.  We used fly rods with no weight.  Chum with bread and make flies out of white glow bug yarn.  You will also need dry fly floatant to make them float.  

    My fly rod is pretty much K.I.A anything with a spinning reel

  4. 1 minute ago, GAMBLER said:

    Yes.  My buddy still goes there and does it.  There is only a handful of grass carp in there.  Chum with bread and you will see them.  They are usually schooled together.  

    What part of the pond and would a hook with bread work(no bobber or weight)

  5. 1 minute ago, GAMBLER said:

    You have to park in the lot adjacent to the pond.  If you park along the road, they will boot you out.  There is a parking lot to the South of the pond. 

    And do you still get grass carp at unity has i have fished there since 2014 and never seen one

  6. 10 minutes ago, fisherman21 said:

    I was thinking of the pond at greece canal park off of elmgrove. He is referring to the ponds off of long pond. I have got some nice bass and panfish in those ponds. Haven’t fished there in years. I would try chartreuse and white spinnerbaits or chatterbaits for the pike 

    Thx and advice in terms of what part of the pond. Im at a loss in terms of what part until they clear out a bunch of the weeds in front of the gazebo creating 2 weedbeds  

  7. 8 minutes ago, muskiedreams said:

    It is news to me if there is anything worth catching in that puddle. I tried 20 years ago and there wasn't much of anything in there except tiny panfish and minnows. It was very shallow and weedy.

    Largemouth Bass, very few smallmouth caught one myself pike, carp, crappies, bluegills,perch and have been told catfish

  8. Does anyone have any advice for the pike in the Greece Canal Ponds. I have seen lots of them including a 30+” swim up right by the gazebo and had one attack a carp I hooked but I only have caught 2 within the past two years and was wondering if anyone had advice in terms of what part to fish and lures besides a daredevle or a way to fish them weedless especially for the big ones

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